10 Random Acts Of Kindness That Can Save The Day.

Kindness is one of these things that make you as happy as they make others’ happy, if not more. When you are kind, you are not only kind to someone, you are kind to yourself. If you have been reading this blog for a while, you probably know that I am all about elegance and good manners, and being kind is definitely elegant. I do believe that human beings were created to be kind to others, and studies have shown that the kindest civilizations had been the most prosperous. Thus, here are 20 ways you can show kindness today, and save the day.

10 random acts of kindness that can change the day and make you feel happier, better and more elegant.

Write a “thank you” card to a friend.

Do it for a particular event, or simply to thank them for being part of your life.

Say “I love you” to someone you love.

Do it especially if it is something you struggle to say. If you usually do not say it, it will have a lot of impact, believe me.

Pay for the coffee of a homeless person.

A lot of Cafés offer you the opportunity to pay for the next homeless person who will order coffee. It is called a “hanging coffee”, and it is a beautiful anonymous act of charity.

Run errands for an elderly.

Your grandmother, a friend of hers or a neighbour. I do think we all know elderlies, and most of them would be very happy if you could do that for them.

Spend some quality time talking with them afterwards if possible, most older people tend to feel very lonely , especially if they are single. Never forget that 30 minutes of your day can change their whole week.

Say something kind to someone you meet today.

It can be “you have gorgeous hair” or “I am so happy I heard someone laugh today”. The smallest act of kindness can change their day ; you never know how hard people can be with themselves and how one single compliment can improve their self-esteem.

If you see someone struggling to do something (walking, lifting something heavy &c.), offer your help.

It takes you five minutes, and you may even make friend with that person.


You know I am all about it & if you want to learn more about my experience volunteering, click here.

Smile at a stranger.

When I am at work (at a supermarket), a lot of customers tell me that seeing someone smiling made them very happy, and that is enough to make me even happier.

Invite a friend to spend the night with you and just chill with them.

We often tend to take friendships for granted, but spending time with a friend can have so much positive impact on your day.

Carefully listen to someone’s problems.

Usually, we do not listen “carefully”, we listen while thinking about our answer. Try to listen very carefully next time a friend or a stranger talks to you. You may be surprised by how much you can learn from someone’s speech.

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With life being so hard in 2020, it is time, more than ever, to show kindness. I hope these ten ways to show kindness in your daily life reminded you of the importance of such acts and inspired you to be kind in so many other ways. If there is any other way of being kind you would love to share with us, feel free to do so. ♡

I wish you the best of all days,

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