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Hi, my name is Camille, I am a French blogger who is also a big fan of books. As I am interested in thousands of topics, I do not want to restrict myself, but I have also decided that I wanted to dedicate a special part of this blog to the bookish world. That is how The Book Corner was born! Here, we talk about the History of books, book reviews, working in the book industry & so much more! Oh, yes! I should have told you earlier: I am currently studying for a master’s degree that would translate (I study in France, so technically, the name of the master’s is a little different) into “Valorizing written Cultural Heritage: from the manuscript to the eBook.” I study library science, the History of Heritage and so much more! Thus, this Book Corner will also be a place for me to share a little bit more about my degree. By the way! I major in Children’s Literature, so that s a thing we will discuss as well!


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Book Reviews

As you may know, I am a big fan of reviewing books, both in French & in English. I do mostly English given the fact that my audience is English-speaking, but I also love reviewing in French as I also have quite a lot of French readers.

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Thoughts about books

As you may have noticed, I also love discussing topics surrounding the bookish world. I talk about jobs you can do if you love books, studying manuscripts and the importance of reading. If that is something you feel interested in, have a red!


I am open to partnerships, especially with authors and publishing houses. I can do interviews with authors to help them reach a wider audience in exchange of a free copy of their book as I need to know the work to talk aout them (click here to see one of my interviews). I also review books for independent authors & I am open to partner with publishing houses to review several books for them (no matter the size of the publishing house).

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*In each case, I do unpaid partnerships, which means that I get sent books, not money.

The Frenchie Book Club

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