5 Ways To Avoid Consumerism During Christmas Time. #Blogmas

Most people would agree: Christmas is now linked to consumerism. It is definitely not the main purpose of this holiday, but in our society, it is definitely the case. Nonetheless, you can be against consumerism and for Christmas, as Christmas is absolutely not, at its core, about consumerism. Here are ways you can learn to enjoy Christmas more while consuming less. Here we go!

Have a No-Gift Christmas.

That may be the easiest way to consume less this Christmas. As you know, I am a minimalist and as a minimalist, I have spent the last couple of years basically not buying gifts. Sometimes, I do, but not necessarily for Christmas, simply to make people I love happy. If you are interested in doing that as well, make sure to have a look at my post about the reasons why I embarked on this journey and my tips fo r you to do the same without hurting anybody.

Do not redecorate your whole house for Christmas.

Do you really need to buy new room decor to feel the Christmas vibes? Just go out, listen to people laughing and look at the snow. Christmas is all around you and you clearly do not need a new red blanket to see it.

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Spend time with family and friends to build deeper relationships.

Is not Christmas (and its religious roots) all about love? Use this time of the year to eat dinner with you mother or spend time with your brother. Throw a chill party for your best friends or go ice-skating with them. There are so much things you can do that do not require you to go shopping useless things you do not like. Money will never buy moments, remember it.

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Do not go shopping in December. At all.

You just do not have to. If you have decided to spend a No-gift Christmas, it is even easier and if not, there are tons of non-shopping related gifts you can make. These gifts will take you away from malls and the consumer-society. If you want some inspiration, definitely check out my post about the 5 minimalist gifts you can offer and ask for.

Spend time being kind to strangers.

Last but not least, you can spend your month being kind to strangers. Yes, it is an important time of the year to be with your loved ones, but also to share love in general. If you are interested, you can read my post about 10 random acts of kindness you can do today. Being kind does not only make other people happy, it makes you happy & it is a beautiful way to go from consumerism to love.


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I really hope you loved that post. Once more, please remember that Christmas is all about love and generosity, but that generosity does not necessarily imply gifts. Share wonderful moments with people you love, and these moments will mean so much more to all of you than even the most expensive gifts.

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