Feel prettier instantly: on the use of feeling pretty and on how to actually manage to do so

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I think a lot of women (and not only women) suffer from feeling “ugly”. Nobody really defines what “ugly” is for them, but still, a lot of people consider themselves to be “ugly”. In a really self-development oriented world, we do not feel like saying it out loud and prefer acting as if we were good with ourselves, but the truth is that sometimes, we are not.

What does “feeling beautiful” mean

A short definition of this feeling

We are often told to focus on our skills in order to feel prettier on the outside, which I truly believe to be a great tip, but I do not think it is enough. Today, I would love to share with you one single, short tip that has helped me a lot when it comes to feeling beautiful.

First, what means “feeling beautiful” for me? It is important to give you my personal definition of the term in order to make sure you understand my words right. To me, feeling beautiful means living in an almost permanent form of satisfaction with your physical appearence and surroundings.

Taking care of your physical appearance is not selfish

Obviously, physical appearance is not everything in “feeling beautiful”, and I do believe that a mean person can’t really feel beautiful and that kindness brings you so much beauty. However, and even though working on your beauty from this inside out is important, I do believe that caring for yourself from the “outside”, that is to say your appearance, is not selfish or solely superficial: it is self-love. Working on yourself form the outside in, by taking care of your appearance, makes you feel happier and thus, makes you a better, more loving person. Indeed, I believe that happy persons are more inclined to help other persons feel happier themselves and thus, have more chance to be extremely generous.

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Visual creatures

Now that we have gotten rid of the idea that taking care of one’s appearance is a devilish thing, let’s talk about why your physical appearance seems to count so much for your sense of self-love. We humans are visual creatures. It is as simple as that. What you see, whether it is directly on yourself or in your immediate surroundings, strikes you directly. Nonetheless, our four other senses obviously matter, and I would love to talk a little bit more about one of them in the course of today’s post.

Use the best of the best, no more.

On minimalism and high-quality items

Thats sentence can seem weird: how could you use more that “the best of the best”? However, I think there lies a key point: when you use the best of the best, you never feel pressured to use “too much of it”. Using the best of the best puts you closer to minimalism as you use only a few items that are truly good quality. Thus, using only the best of the best does not cost more money, it even saves you money in the long run.

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Why would you save the best items “for later?”

That is a sentence I have heard so much in the course of life: “I keep that for big occasions”. Well, would I be cliché if I told you that being alive IS a big occasion? Wearing your cheapest clothes everyday to keep your best ones “for later” is, unfortunately, what I would call a “poor mindset”. Why so? Because usually, we want to keep these items “for later” – and “later” rarely comes – because we are afraid of ruining them. Thus, if you are afraid of ruining your items, there is only one solution, I think: do not buy them in the first place. It is the center of minimalism: items are meant to be used and to serve a purpose. Thus, buying a gorgeous dress in order never to wear it is just not okay. If you are afraid of over-wearing something, buy things that are cheaper and that you won’t be so afraid to ruin: that is okay. However, if you truly want higher-quality items, then be ready to uses these because that is their purpose. What is the point in buying the best items not to see them regularly? Do they feel prettier lying somewhere in the house, hidden while your cheapest items are living a happy life?

A tip which applies to everything in life

One more thing before I let you take away your beautiful items and finally put them on display: this tip does not only apply to clothes. I know that I gave my sentences a tone of “clothes-only” tip, but it is definitely not. Usually, this applies first to clothes because that is more often that not what we keep for “big occasions”. However, your beautiful tea mugs, the divine perfume you enjoy wearing and the painting you are too afraid to put on display– what if the cat ruined it? – when you are alone at home need to be used as well. What is the point in owning the best if it is not to use it? You can indeed throw away the ugly tea mugs you use for everyday purposes and your cheap perfume: those won’t be of any use anymore. That is part of the reason why using only the best items of all helps you be more minimalist: you do not need 3 sets of regular tea mugs + 1 gorgeous one: you only need the gorgeous one (or no one at all if you do not drink tea, obviously).

I really hope that today’s post was helpful for you. Obviously, do not feel pressured to buy a lot of higher-quality items: that is just not the point of minimalism at all. However, feel free to use the items you already own as it is one of the easiest way to feel beautiful. Looking your best and smelling your best (never underestimate the power of perfume, whether it is yours or the one you spray on your pillows and blankets) helps you feel your best, believe me and give it a try!

  1. Wow. I really like everything you said here. As someone who loves thrifting clothes and would often prefer cheaper things even though they’re not good quality because im too scared too spend i think this is something i can start applying to myself. I have a lot of experiences where I bought cheap stuff and thought its a great deal but gets broken few days later. I really need to change my mindset when it comes to this stufff. Camille, thank you as always!! ❤️

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    1. Thank you so much for commenting! I am beyond happy if this post resonated with you, which is always my goal no matter the type of content I create. I have been the same, always trying to “save money” on the cheaper things but the truth is that caring for a really great quality item you own is a very rewarding experience, at least for me. Tell me if you end up changing your mindset a little bit, I will be happy to see how your journey unfolds. 🌸

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