Small Tip, Great Effect: What Heel for What Dress?

That is a question I get a lot as someone who wears heels quite often. There are several rules around heels we have already discussed in these posts: wear them only if you can walk in them, do not wear stilettos during the day &c. Nonetheless, there is one point I find even more important than these ones: how can you know what size of heel you can wear?

choose the right heel for your favorite elegant dress - Parisian style

Importance of choosing the right size for your heels.

There is one thing you can read in every single post I write about elegance and ladylike behavior: if you are not vulgar, you are almost elegant. There are thousands of ways you can be vulgar, and that does not necessarily have to do with your outfit. Nonetheless, I think heels are one thing that can turn even the most elegant outfit into a vulgar one in five seconds (or less).

We usually want to wear heels in order to look taller, slimmer and more sexy, however, you can easily end up looking taller, slimmer, and more vulgar as the border between “sexy” and vulgar” can be quite thin. Elegant and sexy can absolutely go together, but not necessarily. If, nonetheless, you would like to be an “elegant sexy” rather than an “elegant classic” or an “elegant girly”, there is one tip you absolutely need to know.

The shorter the dress, the shorter the heel.

How not to cross the border sexy/vulgar.

I said “dress”, but shorts make no exception. I personally avoid wearing heels altogether when I wear shorts. I do not know why but I always feel like I am looking vulgar, which seems to be just in my mind. However, the goal is to feel great in your outfit and if you ever feel vulgar, just change into something more “classic”.

However, if you really want to wear heels with a mini dress or a shorts (I know some women absolutely hate flats), just keep in mind that in mind: the shorter your dress/pair of shorts, the shorter your heels. The same goes with long dresses or jeans/pants: the longer the pants/dress, the higher the heels.

The easiest way to cheat with that rule.

You can more easily wear shorter heels with longer dresses than higher heels with shorter dresses as you will not have the same “vulgar effect” with the duo “shorter heels/longer dress” than with the other one. Nonetheless, I feel like when I wear longer pants or dresses (the ones that cover the ankle), I look really small (even though I am rather average) so I would advise you, if you love heels, to choose higher ones in order to look taller. To me, choosing higher heels with longer dresser/pants is more flattering, even though choosing flats or small heels would not be a faux pas.

I hope you enjoyed that post and learnt something new today. Of course, you can do absolutely what you want and each person looks different. I know women who will never look vulgar as their behavior and faces are just so elegant. You need to know your assets and to act accordingly. Nonetheless, if you are just starting that elegant journey, I advise you to learn as many rules as possible in order to be able to break them later.

I wish you the best of all days,

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