Do Not Focus On How It Looks, Focus On How It Feels.

A beauty-saturated generation.

We live in an Instagram-driven culture. Some people see it as a blessing, other as a problem, while the rest just does not care. I personally feel like it all depends on the use you make of it.

Instagram or not, the fact is that human beings are visual creatures and that, if not Instagram, Youtube or any other rather visual device will eventually get our eyes used to a standard of “beauty”. Our vision of what is “beautiful” or aesthetically pleasing depends on the media we consume, and no other generation before has ever consumed as much visual content as we do.

Looking for visual pleasure when pleasure lies elsewhere.

My point here is that our standards when it comes to beauty are the highest of all times due to all that visual content and we, little fragile human beings, are paying more and more attention to what is “beautiful”.

For instance, when we cook, we focus on the aesthetic of our movements and on the beauty of our cake. Yes, we do that, and that happens more and more naturally. However, we never ask ourselves how our other senses are doing. Our taste, for instance.

The same goes for physical activity. We want to reach some fitness goal, whether it is losing weight or getting leaner legs. However, is not exercising for the pleasure of exercising “beautiful”? May not we exercise for the feeling of it, and not only for a potential visual result?

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I just wanted to put those thoughts somewhere on the Internet, for the sake of getting them out of my heart, and for the sake of reminding you, dear reader, that your happiness lies in all of your senses, not only in your eyes. Please take care of your senses, have a conversation with your whole entire body for once, and see how that feels.

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