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  • Big Life Update: Business, PhD, Book & More!
    Today, I thought I will give you a little (big?) life update, as it has been a WHILE! As you guys can obviously tell, I have not been as present here, even though I have been writing as much as possible to keep you updated. Nonetheless, when you will see all the juicy news, I am sure you will understand! I hope you are ready, because this might get a little lengthy! I will spare you very personal details, however, we will dive quite deep into professional updates together!
  • One year back on social media (& I quit again): what did I learn?
    As I was deactivating my Instagram account, I thought it was time for a little chat about social media. A year ago, I was telling you that I was launching a new professional Instagram account on the platform. However, this was all part of my own social media detox, even though this may sound “weird” if not explained properly. About 4 years ago now, I completely deleted my first Instagram account for 3 complete years. Last summer, after a big life shift, I decided to go back on Instagram and see…
  • On the importance of loyalty
    Today, I thought that a little rambling post might be interesting. You know my love for “toolkit” posts (5 ways to… ; A complete guide to…), but I do have a thing for not-so-organized posts as well. What about a little introduction to the concept of loyalty? I know what you are thinking: “Camille, we all know what loyalty is”. The concept itself is indeed well-known, but do you really see how crucial it is to your success? Being true to oneself and reliable is the key to success…

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