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  • On being alone, but not lonely – or how to enjoy a break-up
    I had a realization lately. In English, there are two words to describe “being alone”, that is to say: being alone and being lonely In French, we do not have this, as “being alone” is simply “être seul”. I find it beautiful that English offers that difference, because if the first one describes a state, the second stands for a feeling: loneliness. In today’s post, I would love to dive into ways for you to live one without suffering the other. For the little personal story, I found out after my breakup that, this time, I was feeling able to stand, and even love, my alone time. Thus, I have wondered: what is different from when, in my life, I have felt so insecure about being alone? Here is what I found, and what you can do to feel better in your own company.
  • On supporting friends & their art
    Today, I thought I will share a view on friends and art. How many of us do have a friend who does art? It can be obviously some well-known artistic venue like painting, but art is also ceramic, writing, or anything you put your heart to. Thus, how many of us do have such a friend? We live in a day and age in which, in our Occidental countries, we are lucky enough (for the most part) to be able to get lost in art a few hours a week. Thus, more and more people do art on a regular basis. However, if many people see it as a hobby, more and more people dream of living only from their art and yes, I am sure it is mainly possible. Thus, what can you do when this is the dream of one of your dear friends?
  • My online course is now FREE! – Limited Offer
    This post simply aims to share with you my holiday decision: my online course will be free until 16/08/2022. As I am going to Poland tomorrow, I thought it would also be a great idea to get you a special gift too, and what is better than an online course helping you create a more balanced life?

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