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  • On feeling “late in life” & doing you rather than finishing the typical “Things to do in your 20s” bucket list”.
    Sometimes, I just feel like it is important to set quick reminders here. I tend to share very practical tips, but today, I only and simply want to remind you one little tiny thing: you do not have to do what you do not want to do. Okay, that is written, I may stop here. Nonetheless, as I love writing, I will keep talking about that concept a little bit more.
  • How to combine your internship with your academic work?
    We are totally in that time of the year in which lots of students start their internship (me included) and I thought it would be cool to discuss that “how to balance internship and academic work” thing together. Of course, I know there are schools that set you free from whole academic work before the start of the year’s internship but not every school does that (and mine definitely does not). So, let’s discuss the ways I do manage doing an internship, working on my essays, preparing the next academic year and working on my thesis. Ready?
  • May Wrap up + FULL REVIEWS!♡ Comics, Contemporary fiction & Middle Grades (& NORMAL PEOPLE!!)
    Here I am, on the last day of the beautiful month of May, creating my wrap up for you. To be honest, between a tumultuous personal life, the end of my wonderful internship in the library and the start of my new job at the tourist information center, this month did not let me much time to pick up my books. However, I managed to finish 15 books, which feels great. May is the month when I resumed reading comics, which is super cool! let me share with you the 15 books of the month, hoping it will inspire you for the TBR to come.

Our approach to simple & productive living

Topics we cover

We focus on health and learn how not the get exhausted. We learn that life is a marathon, not a sprint.

We get things DONE. Living slowly does not mean being slow. Thus, we cover methods you can use to be both productive and stress-free.

We read lots of books, because it is what I study in grad school, what I am passionate about and the core of my job as a librarian.

Because a Natural Over-Achiever Needs to Rest, not to Achieve.

the “hustle culture” is trendy, but balance is good.

If you have ever felt “awkward” or “not a right fit” for some box, know that:

  • I am vegetarian
  • I practice self defense and love tolpar
  • I love literature and I am a librarian

If you feel like these things do not go well together, you are right. Is it a problem? Absolutely not.

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