3 Extremely Kind Things To Do In December.

As you guys know, I am a big believer that kindness is the key to happiness. Being kind does not only make other people happy, but makes you happy as well. Moreover, I really find kind people to be more elegant and vibrant. In that post, I shared with you 10 acts of kindness you can do to save the day. In today’s post, let’s create a “Christmas edition” of it, even though these things do not only apply to Christmas. After all, is not Christmas all about kindness & generosity? Enjoy!

Invite a friend to spend the afternoon with you.

I do believe that making time in your busy schedule is a more beautiful way to show your love for someone than buying a fancy gift. Moreover, spending time with that special someone will be such a great time for both of you.

Dedicate Christmas Eve to homeless people this year.

There are humanitarian associations which offer special help on Christmas Eve. For a night, you can volunteer and go with hot chocolate and blankets spend this beautiful night with all of these people who are not as lucky as you are. There are far more homeless people out there than you probably think. We often hear that “they do not want help”, but a lot of them actually do and suffer from that belief. The worse thing that may happen is a “no, I want to tay alone”, but other people will be beyond happy to see you. It is not about pity, it is about humanity.

Invite a lonely elderly person to your Christmas party.

Whether you contact an association which focuses on it or invite your lonely neighbourg, remember that Christmas is about sharing moments. Being lonely is always hard, but being lonely when everyone is with family & being full of memories from the past must be even harder. Think about that person, and maybe ask them if they would like to spend the evening with you. Maybe they will say no but if you go with the sincere will to help and not out of pity, they will probably say “yes” and you will literally make their whole year brighter.

Just like with that post about 3 Ways to Support a Friend Who Dislikes Christmas, I shared with you no more than three tips. Once more, I do think that three tips that you apply are more beneficial than an overwhelming list of 20 ways you could be kinder but that, eventually, may not benefit to anyone. I truly hope this post helped you get more in the true mood of Christmas, the mood that implies laughter, joy & love.

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