Review Policy

I am open to reviewing books for publishing houses & self-published authors. I always share an honest review with my readers, which means that if I do not like a book, I can write a negative review.

My audience comes mainly from the english-speaking world, but the second largest community to read my blog is from France. Being French myself, I can totally review French books in French as well and be able to reach an audience who understands French.

I post reviews on Goodreads as well,& keep in mind that it usually takes me around two weeks to finish a book and write a review.

Occasionally, I am also open to interviews (have an example here) and guest posts from authors in order to help them reach an audience. In exchange, I ask for a Pdf. version of one of their books as I need to make sure I am only promoting authors who write books I love myself.

I most often review books inspired by Classics, Historical fiction, Children’s books, YA & self-help books (rather philosophical).

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