A Complete Guide To Juggling school/ work & Christmas time. Blogmas

As you guys probably know, I am a student & I work in a supermarket, which means that between finals & work, my month is quite (really?) busy. That is how I have had the idea of this post: how can we enjoy Christmas when we have a lot (that has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas) to do? Here is my answer.

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a complete guide to combining school + work & Christmas.

Make sure you know your priority.

You are probably bored of me repeating that, but that is so essential: you need to have ONE priority, this word was first meant to be a singular, not a plural. Maybe you really love Christmas & want to make the most out of it, & you will need to be a little less efficient at work. On the contrary, maybe your finals are beyond important to you, & you will need to say no to a few Christmas parties. I really want to emphasize the idea that you can’t have everything, but that there is no “wrong” or “right”. You are the only person able to say what is “right” for you.

Plan, plan, plan.

If you have a lot more to do that usual, you will need to plan a lot more than usual. Color coding can be a right way to do so: when you color code, you are enabled to see where you spend more time. For instance, if “social stuff” is in pink & “school stuff” in blue”, you can see whether you are mostly doing “blue things” or “pink things”.

Talk to your friends/family about your work.

I know that in my family, not everyone works around Christmas time, it all depends on the job they do & thus, I tell them that given the fact that I work so much, I won’t be able to come to this or that party. You can’t expect people to imagine how much work is involved with having to work for your finals or with working at a supermarket (or anything else). Make sure you talk about it so that people can understand & not make you feel guilty for not being able to attend every single party.

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Learn to say NO.

This goes hand in hand with the previous point: you need to say NO to some things to be able to do other things. To make it easier, keep in mind that whenever you say YES to something, you say NO to something else as you can’t be doing two things at the same time.

Remember to take me-time.

Yes, you want to juggle between work & socializing but you won’t be able to do any of these for long is you do not take care of yourself first. You can’t pour form an empty cup, remember? Thus, take one night a week (at least) & make time for reading, drinking hot chocolate & taking a bath. Create that quality time for yourself & you will be so much more productive the following morning.

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Just chill.

It is easy to get trapped in planning like crazy and being on and about all the time but stop. Just stop, & remind yourself that it is all supposed to be fun in the end. Life is supposed to be fun so do not let your schedule take away the fun. Take a moment whenever you feel overwhelmed, & remind yourself that eventually, it is all going to be okay.

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That is it for today, I hope you will be able to juggle it all this year & to enjoy Christmas a lot more. We can all have a healthy month of December, let’s do this! ♡

  1. Good suggestions..juggling is a skill we need all throughout our life..official life, social life, personal life, family life…too many roles that we constantly juggle ..but then that is life..only have 24 hours to get it all right in a day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is true, and there are things we just can’t delete from our lives. I am a true believer that minimalism is the way to do almost everything in life but we can’t totally delete any aspect of our life so we need to learn how to work through it all. Let’s keep in mind that the most important point here is to take care of our mental health first if we want to enjoy anything else. 🌸


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