10 Things Every College Student Needs To Hear.

As a college student myself, I know how hard these years can be. Some people love the experience, some others do not, and we all have a very different experience altogether. Some of us, indeed, have to work full time (click here for my post on combining a job & college), while others are lucky enough not to be in debt. No matter your situation or the country you study in, here is what you need to hear as a college student.

1à things every college student needs to hear - Trinity College Library

You will never have it “all figured out” and no matter what you think, nobody does.

These years are not the “most beautiful years of your life”. Oh, they are for some people, but not for most of us and I think it si a good think. Would not it be sad to think the best years of our lives are over by 25?

You do not have to know what job you want to do as soon as you graduate. That is a myth, and most people do not even know what they want to do when they turn 50. Human beings evolve, that is the beauty of out situation on Earth.

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♡ A degree won’t be enough, you need to volunteer and do internships. You basically need to work for free before you work for money, so make sure you love what you do.

♡ It is never “too late” to change majors.

♡ If you do not want to stay in college, if it does not suit you, stop now before you get into huuuuuuge debt.

♡ You do not have to study abroad. I could not afford it and my degree is still really valuable and my college experience super great.

♡ You do not have to be an A Student to have your degree. Do not put too much pressure on yourself.

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♡ Make sure you learn skills that college does not teach you, just so you are not the “average graduate”. You want to stand out.

You can have a great college experience even though partying is not your cup of tea.

These are all things I wish I knew when I started college and I had to wait until I started my master’s degree to understand these ten points. Please be smarter than me and keep them in mind, it may change your entire college experience, and life.

I wish you the best of all days,

    1. Thank you for commenting! I definitely agree, it would be so so sad if college was to be the best time of life. Let’s enjoy everything that comes after!🌸


  1. The “you don’t have to know what job you want when you graduate” is especially true. I know so many people who got what they thought was their dream job after they graduated only to find out it wasn’t what they thought it was. All good points though.

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    1. Thank you for commenting and taking the time to read. Yes, so many people get into their « dream job » and understand that their dream was probably not for them, and that is totally okay. I think most of us lack internships in school, which may be a part of the problem. The good point is that there are soooo many more jobs we have not even thought about waiting for us! 🌸

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