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    1. I will definitely do that! Languages are my passion, I really love learning new ones. Before that post is released, please let me give you two pieces of advice:

      1) Know that the first foreign language you learn will be the hardest you will have to learn. Thus, I would advise you to find either a rather “easy” one, or a language you are infinitely passionate about (maybe French for you).

      2) I have a free guide about language-learning in the “FREEBIES” category of the blog. You do not even have to register with your email address, just to download it. I wanted to create a little gift for the people who manage to find their way to my blog. It is about 50 pages and I think you may like it. If you end up downloading it, tell me, I will be very honored!

      I wish you the best in your language-learning journey and in your life,
      Camille ♡

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    2. Yes I think they do. Actually, there are two major reasons for that:
      1) Your brain gets accustomed to the process/ you start building a habit as far as languages are concerned.

      2) Languages can be classified in “families”, and once you have been learning one language in the family, others are easier to learn (grammar may be similar, vocabulary almost the same etc.)
      For instance, learning German after English is far easier than learning German after Spanish because, contrary to popular belief, German and English are really similar, especially in terms of vocabulary (Father = Vater for instance).

      I hope that helped a little,

      Camille ❤️

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