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  • 8 Things That Are Not Worth Your Time & Energy.
    Time and energy are your most valuable resources in life and you just do not want to lose some. Here are 8 things you should stop doing if you want to make the most of your time and energy and live a productive and healthy life.
  • 10 Money Mistakes you MUST Avoid In Your 20’s (in college, especially)
    Money is a big part of our lives and it starts very young. In our 20’s, we make choices that will impact our entire life. Here are the 10 MONEY MISTAKES you need to avoid!
  • 5 Reasons Why A Simple Outfit Makes You More Productive.
    Choosing an outfit is not only a matter of vanity but has a real impact on things such as productivity. When I say “make sure your outfit is great”, I am not telling you to dress in a very pretty but uncomfortable dress. You need to make sure the outfit is simple, and yet comfortable and beautiful in your eyes. Here is what the good outfit can change for you…

Our approach to simple & productive living

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We focus on health and learn how not the get exhausted. We learn that life is a marathon, not a sprint.

We get things DONE. Living slowly does not mean being slow. Thus, we cover methods you can use to be both productive and stress-free.

We give opinions that are sometimes unpopular, but that you exhausted over-achiever out there needs to read.

Because a Natural Over-Achiever Needs to Rest, not to Achieve.

the “hustle culture” is trendy, but balance is good.

If you have ever felt “awkward” or “not a right fit” for some box, know that:

  • I am vegetarian
  • I practice self defense and love tolpar
  • I love literature

If you feel like these things do not go well together, you are right. Is it a problem? Absolutely not.

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