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  • 10 Things Every College Student Needs To Hear.
    As a college student myself, I know how hard these years can be. Some people love the experience, some others do not, and we all have a very different experience altogether. Some of us, indeed, have to work full time, while others are lucky enough not to be in debt. No matter your situation or the country you study in, here is what you need to hear as a college student.
  • 10 Random Acts Of Kindness That Can Save The Day.
    Kindness is one of these things that make you as happy as they make others’ happy, if not more. When you are kind, you are not only kind to someone, you are kind to yourself. Here are 10 ways you can be kind today, and change both your day and another person’s day.
  • Small Tip, Great Effect: What Heel for What Dress?
    That is a question I get a lot as someone who wears heels quite often. There are several rules around heels we have already discussed in these posts about elegance: wear them only if you can walk in them, do not wear stilettos during the day &c. Nonetheless, there is one point I find even more important than these ones: how can you know what size of heel you can wear?

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We focus on health and learn how not the get exhausted. We learn that life is a marathon, not a sprint.

We get things DONE. Living slowly does not mean being slow. Thus, we cover methods you can use to be both productive and stress-free.

We give opinions that are sometimes unpopular, but that you exhausted over-achiever out there needs to read.

Because a Natural Over-Achiever Needs to Rest, not to Achieve.

the “hustle culture” is trendy, but balance is good.

If you have ever felt “awkward” or “not a right fit” for some box, know that:

  • I am vegetarian
  • I practice self defense and love tolpar
  • I love literature

If you feel like these things do not go well together, you are right. Is it a problem? Absolutely not.

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