Why Is Minimalism So Popular? Here Is What This Lifestyle Can Offer.

Minimalism is quite a trendy lifestyle right now, which makes me happy because I truly believe it has a lot to offer to our super busy society. Today, I will try answering the question “why is minimalism so popular” by sharing with you how it improved my life and what it has to offer in general. Let’s get started!

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Minimalism calms you.

There is no better feeling that getting home after a long day and seeing that… everything is in place. The less stuff you own, the less cluttered your living space is. Did you know that a cluttered space almost always ends up creating a cluttered mind? Minimalism and having a simple, clean space helps preventing the feeling of being overwhelmed by stuff. Thanks to minimalism, you protect yourself from mental clutter and thus, you live a calmer life altogether.

Minimalism increases your productivity.

When you own less stuff and feel less worried (because you basically have less stuff to worry about), you have more time to focus on what truly matters. That alone makes you productive because you are more focused on the important tasks and do not lose time trying to find X or Y object hidden somewhere in your house.

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Minimalism saves you money.

Do I need to explain it further? Probably not, but I LOVE discussing that topic so why not? Minimalism is not only about decluttering, it is also about spending less. I agree, the “decluttering part” is important, but it is only the very first step in the life of a minimalist. Minimalism is a lifestyle, which means that it is about what you do on a day to day basis. It is something that lasts. When you realize how useless most expenses (designer clothes, home decor &c.) are, you stop spending, and you start saving A LOT of money, believe me.

Minimalism makes you effortlessly chic.

I personally feel more elegant in simple good-quality pieces than in fast-fashion ; I do believe it is your case as well. Minimalism is not about wearing the same black tee-shirt everyday, it is about wearing what you truly love and feel great in. For instance, I love wearing silk and linen, things that are a little more on the “expensive” side but that I can afford because I never buy cheap things I do not really LOVE. The clothes you find “too expensive” end up costing far less (if it is the material that is expensive, not a specific brand) than all of these cheap pieces you buy regularly but never feel good in. Minimalism is a cheat code fo a small, but good-quality wardrobe.

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Minimalism sets you free.

Minimalism sets you free from a lot of things whether they are material or immaterial. Becoming a minimalist is just as breaking the chains that attached you to consumer society and people who were bad for you. When you are minimalist, you can spend your money on things that matter to you and do no feel pressure by society to buy the newest car just to show that you “have money” (even though once spent, that money is not actually yours anymore). In short, minimalism sets you free.

I hope that today’s posts helped you understand why minimalism has become so popular lately. I also hope that these things minimalism has to offer will motivate you to give it a try. If you feel stuck in consumer society, if you feel overwhelmed by too much clutter or if you simply want to save money (who does not?), minimalism may be the best solution for you.

If you loved that post, please let in me know in the comments and feel free to tell me what posts you would love reading next time. ♡

  1. Last night I saw the documentary on Netflix Minimalism, it really gave me a new perspective. And today I see your post about it too. I think once I get my new home I will want the least amount of stuff as possible. I’ve never been one to like clutter.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey! That is actually a really great time to start minimalism. I was already a minimalist before moving in with my boyfriend but honestly, getting your own place is such a cheat code to start with minimalism because it is a fresh start! I wish you luck,
      Camille ♡

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Once you want it, it becomes more and more natural until you do not have to think about it anymore, let yourself time and enjoy the road ♡
      I am happy you loved the post,

      Liked by 1 person

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