5 Minimalist Gifts You Can Offer & Ask For. Blogmas

Yesterday, I told you that you did not necessarily had to offer gifts, but some of you definitely want to. I personally talked enough with my family & friends for them to know that I do not want anything, but that I am beyond happy to buy them gifts the years I feel like doing so. It is always a “surprise, surprise” kind of thing lol. If you are the kind of minimalist who wants to offer gifts but does not want to clutter their loved ones’ home, here is a list of things you may offer. You can also ask for these gifts if you are asked what you would like for Christmas. Enjoy!

A Spa day.

Spa days can get quite expensive, especially if the place you go to is a little bit more on the “classy” side. My favorite Spa charges around 100/150 euros for 2-3h, including a full-body massage of your choice, which is quite okay as far as quality is concerned, but also quite expensive. That is why I love gifting my mom a gift card, just so that she (finally) can take some quality me-time without feeling guilty about money.

Dinner with that person.

If you know what kind of food that person loves, offer them to get dinner together. They will definitely be happy to have access to their favorite food for free (well, you pay for it so technically, it is free for them), & they will also be delighted to spend this special moment with you.

A weekend abroad.

I wrote “abroad”, but that can also be in the country if there is some cute place to visit. If you are friends with a couple, you can gift it to both of them so that they can go together & if your friend is single, you may also go with them if you think they could like that. Weekends in the country are usually cheaper than expected, even though I would recommend buying tickets quite a while before Christmas time. It may be too late for this year, but you can still do that for their birthday for instance.

A letter.

I absolutely LOVE writing letters. Well, I love writing in general but letters are such a blessing. You can light a candle, put some jazz music in the background, take your favorite pen & start writing. My boyfriend is always beyond happy to read my letters & this is such a special &personal gift.

An experience (a concert &c.)

Finally, I love gifting experiences. This year, I have planned to gift one for my mom (she speaks French so she won’t read that lol). We will go to a concert together & that will be so much fun!

I hope you got inspired by these five ideas. If you have any other gift idea to share, feel free to do so! It is always quite hard to find great ideas when it comes to gifts, & it is even harder for minimalists so let’s support each other this year!

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