“Not minimalist enough?” A peaceful defense of minimalism.


Dear reader, 

As you may know, I consider myself to be “minimalist”. The word is, however, quite meaningless in itself and that is the reason why I am writing that post today. According to me, everyone is allowed to have their own definition, as long as it makes them happy. To me, to be a “minimalist” means “feeling like I am out of the traps of consumer society and feeling better with less”. The fewer items and “digital clutter” I own, the happier and most at peace I feel. To you, the definition may be totally different, and that is just fine.

The beauty of minimalism is that it is all about simplifying. Is that debate I am seeing all over the Internet over the question “am I minimalist enough?” a simplification of anything? I would say “no”, and I would argue that the only “fake minimalists” (if that even exists) are the ones who criticize other people’s definition of “minimalism”. 

If according to you, being minimalist means having a limit number of items you want to own, that is fine and your definition is just as okay as mine. As long as all of us respect other minimalists’ (and every other person’s) lifestyle, it is all perfectly fine.

I simply wanted to post that quick message today in defense of minimalism and of all the peace it has to offer. Minimalism is about simplicity and finding peace, it is never about arguing or imposing one’s lifestyle over someone else. 

I hope this post managed to show you how peaceful minimalism can be, 

Lots of love,


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