8 Areas In Which You Can Save A LOT Of Money.

Money is undeniably an important part of our lives and, usually, it is considered a complicated topic. I do think it all can get easier when we are actually aware of the areas in which we spend way too much. Here is a list of the 8 areas in which you are probably spending far too much money without even realizing it. There are lots of things we consider to be “essential” when actually, if we take a minute or two and think about it, they are pretty futile.

Gym memberships.

You maybe go to the gym several times a week and in that case, keep the membership. However, if you have a membership just to feel better about yourself for actually having your name listed in a gym somewhere, you should consider cancelling that membership.

It would be far more useful for you to lift some weights at home (you can buy some very good ones for very little money) or go for a run several times a week. It may not look as glamorous as a gym membership, but if you actually GO for that run, it is actually far more useful for your health than a membership that exists only to keep apparences intact.


I do not have anything against coffee, but I have something against that super expensive cup of “coffee” (full of milk, vanilla flavor etc.) you grab every morning on your way to work. First, it is not good for your health but it is also certainly bad for your bank account. I live in such a small town in the French countryside and when a Starbucks opened here, I innocently tried to buy a coffee there. It was like 7 euros and I felt so used!!

Instead, invest in a great coffee maker and you do not need to buy a fancy one either (mine costs 30 euros). You can also buy fancy milks or toppings if it is your thing, and a cute reusable mug. Please, just for the month to come, note every single dollar/euro you spend on coffee, and see how it adds up. It blew my mind the first time I did that!

Waxing every month.

First, you can keep your body hair if you want, but that is not even my point today. (Do you even say “waxing” in English? #NonNativeStruggle)

You can actually achieve a really great result at home as good products exist now. We are no longer required to use dangerous razor blades, far more options are waiting for us out there. For the eyebrows, I personally go to salon every three to four months just to make sure the “line” is still correct (as I do not wear makeup, it is very important to look awake lol) but back in the days, I used to go every THREE WEEKS! And I spent so much money there! Please try not going for at least a month and see for yourself: the result may surprise you.


I feel like there is such a “thing” around going to the hair salon every month to do a “little haircut” or on special occasions to “look more presentable”. You actually ARE presentable and the hairdresser you are paying 40 euros (if you are lucky!) actually did not cut much hair.

I can not really advise you to cut your hair yourself because I do not even know how to do it myself but if you have longer hair, le them grow a little before going to the salon. If you have shorter hair, consider waiting one more month before going to the salon and see if that makes a huge difference for you. If you feel bad in your own skin, just go but you may also see that it does not make any visible difference on your hair but that it makes a huge difference in your wallet.

Trying a bunch of new makeup products.

If makeup is your passion, just keep trying new products and do not focus on that tip. But if you are just wearing makeup everyday without really thinking about it, simply because it is part of a regular daily routine, then please read carefully.

It can be tempting to try new products on a regular basis, thinking they will have us feel better but the truth is that there is a more effective way to use makeup in order to feel better: knowing the products that are really good for you. When you have found the perfect shade of lipstick, the perfect liquid liner, you do not have to try a bunch of new ones; just continue purchasing what you love and you will end up spending far less money on makeup.

Ordering a glass of champagne when you go out.

It may just be because I am French (lol) but I used to order champagne as often as possible when I went to the restaurant, simply because it looks “classy”. Maybe try an alcohol-free cocktail or a glass of beer if you want to drink alcohol (but never too much). Beer is usually so much cheaper than champagne and an alcohol-free drink is (usually, but not always – some places want you to buy alcohol and get drunk… -) cheaper than alcohol in general.

Weird subscriptions you forgot about.

We all have them at one point or another. It can be a magazine subscription, a box (we do not like anymore) or even an app. Go through all of these, list them and see which ones you really use. You will see that those 3 to 20 euros/subscription a month really make a difference in the end of the year.

Websites/Programs which promise they will “save you money”.

If those websites cost an arm and a leg, they do not want you to “save money”, they want to make money. They need to make a living out of this, which is normal (it is a job!), keep that in mind. You would not necessarily buy a real-life program, but do not think online programs are much better or trustworthy. Some are, but not all of them. Make sure you are choosing the right program for you before getting trapped into the “it will help me grow wealthier” mentality; it will make you poorer, that is for sure, but not necessarily “wealthier”.

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