5 Simple Ways I Save Money As A Student.

Saving money is hard, & even more when you are a student. As someone who started with literally zero at the bank & can now live comfortably, I think I have some helpful tips when it comes to saving money. If you want to get better at saving these $$$, let’s get started!

I do not party.

I am not telling you that I do not party whatsoever, but I do not go to or throw expensive parties. I host casual parties with friends but I never go crazy when it comes to home decor or food. There is nothing better than quality time spent with the right people in my eyes. When you stop going to expensive parties (& stop buying pricy tickets or expensive gifts) or throwing some really expensive ones, you start saving a bunch of money each month, believe me!

I invite friends at home rather than to the restaurant.

That tip is also life-changing. I know it can be harder if you live with roommates or your parents but try to invite friends at home. I personally prefer, & that is not only because of money. Of course restaurants & instagrammable cafés can get pretty expensive, but there is also so much joy in cooking dinner for a friend. Moreover, I do think that conversations can get deeper in a more private environment, & there is no fear of being heard by someone else.

I pay myself first.

What I mean here is that I consider my savings account just like a bill. Whenever I get paid, I put a part of my income directly into my savings account & I live just as if that money had never been mine in the first place. If you want to save money, you need to learn how to live below your means. I am not telling you that you should live a lot below your means, but if you can manage to live on 80 or 90% of your income, it is already a great start. When the money is out of sight, it is also out of mind & you won’t spend money you do not think you have.

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I work a part-time job.

It all depends on your studies & priorities. Personally, I manage to conciliate my job at a local supermarket & my master’s degree but maybe you can’t & that is okay. You are the only person to know whether or not you can manage to do it without losing your mind or compromising on your grades. Nonetheless, if you want to try, know that it is a great way to save money as, pretty obviously, the more you earn, the more you get to save.

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I am a minimalist.

I could just not not talk about this one. Minimalism is such a game-changer, honestly. I have a bunch of posts on that topic such as this one on the 10 life-changing habits of aspired minimalists but basically, this is a lifestyle that has so much to offer. When you embark on a minimalist lifestyle, you stop wanting. You stop wanting to buy new things & you start appreciating what you have so much more. When you stop spending, you naturally get to save more, & that is why minimalism is the biggest cheat-code when it comes to saving (& to so much more things).

I hope that today’s post actually helped you see that saving might actually be easier than you thought. Usually, it is more a matter of changing you everyday little actions that a matter of changing your lifestyle completely. Once you change your daily habits, you can get to know how you spend your money, & where you can easily save. Never forget that we all started with 5 euros in savings (at least, I did) & that 5+5 = 10. Basically, what I mean is that it is by saving that you learn how to save. See it as a lifelong challenge, & as a game. Soon, saving will have become the new shopping for you. That is at least what happened to me.

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