How Slow-living Impacted My Breakfast Routine & What I Eat Now As A Vegetarian.

As you may know by now, I do my very best to live a slow (or at least a slower) life. As a person who used to be naturally really stressed out, it totally changed my life. That shift in my lifestyle started when I embarked on my minimalism journey. People usually associate minimalism with slow-living, and it is totally what happened to me.

I will start talking more about my slow lifestyle on that blog as, being a student who works all year long in a supermarket, it is kind of a different approach to slow-living than the regular “living in the woods and eating cherries” kind of “slow life” (which I would definitely love to live!).

Let’s start with my “breakfast routine”, which means a tiny little part of my morning routine only, or it would be far too long for one single post. I got the idea of that post when I read that one on She gives the recipe of one of her smoothies and thinking about smoothies brought me to my own “breakfast routine”. As we say in French “il faut rendre à César ce qui est à César” (aka “let’s give back to César what belongs to César.”), so here is my way to promote her amazing content.

Brewing coffee, mindfully.

You need to know that breakfast is the very first part of my whole entire “morning routine” so right after I woke-up, I brew coffee. I have a coffee-maker that uses a filter, so it does not take me that long but is still a little more time-consuming than the most modern ones such as the Nespresso coffee-makers. I love taking my time to listen to the coffee brewing and enjoy its smell. It is my very first ritual of the day.

Making breakfast with Sam: our top 3 breakfasts.

I usually wake up a little bit earlier than Sam. When he starts smelling coffee, he usually gets out of bed quite easily lol. Then, it is time for us to make breakfast. Usually, he is the one who mixes ingredients together &c. as he LOVES being in the (his?) kitchen but while he does that, I am never far, somewhere in the kitchen doing I-don’t-know-what.

We usually alternate between three breakfasts:

Sweet oatmeal: Oatmeal + Dark chocolate + Honey (+ Bananas) => You mix it all together, and call it a day!

Smoothie 1: Blueberries + Bananas + Vanilla protein powder.

Smoothie 2: Peanut butter + Bananas + Chocolate protein powder.

These are both so simple to make and so delicious. Oatmeal and our protein powders help us have a great part of the proteins we need for the day. As vegetarians, we like to know that even before the day really started, our body has its fair share of proteins already.

Eating slowly while enjoying some quality time together.

That part is probably the most important of that breakfast routine. We spend time together. As we both work a lot, finding time to be together is not always the easiest thing. Thus, we use breakfast to share thoughts and to laugh together. The simple fact of being together, doing the exact same thing, is really calming.

If you do not have a significant other to share breakfast with (when Sam is on night-shift, we do not have the opportunity to do so), please stay away from your phone. You can either eat mindfully while listening to the birds outside or read a really wholesome book. There are a lot of ways you could spend your breakfast-time, but please consider it as a little ritual and not as a thing you need to “get rid of” as fast as possible.

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I hope that post helped you see that even if our days do not necessarily allow for a slow-life, we can create our very own slow-moments. Breakfast is a great time for that as it sets the tone for the rest of the day .Moreover, it is located in the morning, which means that if you wake up twenty minutes earlier, you can use these twenty minutes to start implementing slow-living into your own life.

Feel free to comment the recipe of your favorite breakfast and to tell us how you practice slow-living in your daily-life. I wish you the best, most lovely day. ♡

  1. I love this so much!! In the past few months I’ve started to realize how powerful and peaceful slow-living is. I’ve been trying to incorporate more slow-moments into my day to day. This post is giving me great inspirations, thanks for sharing 🧡!!

    p.s* also thank you for linking to my post 😊

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    1. Thank you so much for commenting, it really makes my day! I am happy this post has inspired you and I agree, slow-living is such a beautiful thing 🌸
      It is so normal to have linked your post, have a nice day!😘

      Liked by 1 person

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