5 Reasons Why You Should Focus On Your Underwear To Be More Elegant.

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Usually, when we think about elegance, we associate it with clothes and when we do, we associate it with “regular clothes”. Who would focus on underwear when it is actually something nobody sees?

The thing is that actually, YOU see it and YOU matter more than anyone else. Why do you? Because the only way to BE elegant is to FEEL elegant. It makes sense, right? French women are known to invest more in their underwear than most other women and form my experience, it is true. French women know how important invisible efforts are.

You underwear is the number one thing you put on your body every morning and thus, it is extremely important to choose it well and to put as much (if not more) thoughts into than into the rest of your outfit.

If you are still not 100% convinced yet, here are 5 reasons to believe my words, let’s get started!

With gorgeous underwear, you FEEL more sexy.

If you feel more sexy, you automatically are. We just discussed it but I can’t stress that point enough. When you know that you do not only look good on the outside but that what is hidden is even more gorgeous, it increases your level of confidence.

You feel more at ease & comfortable.

It is now time to debunk a huge myth: gorgeous underwear does not have to be uncomfortable. Actually, if you wear a gorgeous bra you feel stuck in, there is not point in wearing it ; you will never feel gorgeous in it, just bad. Consider investing in great seamless underwear or comfy lace (good-quality lace is never uncomfortable) but please, run away from cheap underwear. With comfortable underwear, you will feel more at ease and ready to conquer the world. Keep that in mind: the best underwear are the ones you can forget once you put them on.


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You feel more mysterious.

What is more elegant than a mysterious woman? There is something so fascinating about mysterious people. When you wear gorgeous underwear, you feel like you are hiding something form the eyes of other people and thus, you feel mysterious. When you feel mysterious, you automatically look mysterious and that is the core of elegance. A woman who does not expose all her assets embodies mystery and thus, wearing beautiful underwear helps you increase that mystery.

Your underwear does not ruin your beuatiful outfit.

In my eyes, the least elegant thing in the world is a visible bra. Do not get me wrong, a beautiful bra that is mindfully and delicately worn in order to be seen a little bit is gorgeous. I am talking about ugly yellow bras that you can see but you should not. It can completely ruin a beautiful outfit; who wants a yellow bra to bee seen when their dress was supposed to be a backless one? Make sure you are investing in pieces you would not mind displaying a little bit (but make sure it remains elegant and not vulgar) or in pieces that are very subtle (for instance, a strapless bra). Make sure your panties are white when you are wearing white see-through clothes and make sure people do not see what you do not wish them to see.

Your underwear makes your outfit even more beautiful.

We saw that underwear could ruin an outfit but if chose well, it can also make it even more gorgeous. A little bit of thin lace around the neck can look beautiful and increase the mystery of your outfit. Learn to play with your underwear the way you would play with regular pieces of clothing and you will easily elevate your style.

I hope that post helped you see how important underwear is, both for your outfit and for the way you feel. If you are not really sure about displaying a little bit of lace, just don’t but make sure your underwear remains invisible. Play with your underwear only if you can do it in a tasteful manner and please, please make sure you are not displaying what you do not want strangers to notice.

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