The Secret You Need In Order To Know If Something Is Good For You Or Not ♡ The Four Types Of Activities.

Sometimes, we end up doing things out of habit, but that does not mean they are necessary to our lives. Out duty is to question our habits and, in particular, to question how they make us feel.

You may think that I will give you a revolutionary secret today, but no. Why? Because insofar as you already know it deep inside your heart, it is not a secret. Maybe more a revelation, or a reminder that you really need to acknowledge what you already know.

What am I talking about? I am referring to the only way you can know if something you do on a regular basis is good for you, or if it is not. We engage in dozens of activities every day, and they are not all meant to make us feel great. How do we know if something is good for us? We question our feelings, but not at any given point. We question our feelings when the time is right, so let me show you when it is right.

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Questioning how we feel AFTER the activity.

The Four Types of Activities.

I would personally divide activities into four categories. Are you ready?

♡ Activities that do not feel good WHEN you do them, but feel good AFTER you did them (e.g. sport).

♡ Activities that do not feel good WHEN you do them, & do not feel good AFTER you did them either (e.g. eating vanilla ice-cream if you both hate vanilla & try to lose weight).

♡ Activities that feel good WHEN you do them, but feel wrong AFTER you did them (e.g. scrolling on Instagram for 2 hours when you have other far more important things written n your to-do list).

♡ Activities that feel good WHEN you do them, and AFTER you did them (e.g. reading a really interesting book, for those of us who love reading)

Analysis Of The Four Types Of Activities.

The ones that are good for you.

Among these four types of activities, I think only two are good for you: the first one and the last one. Why? Simply because they both feel good AFTER you did them. You would obviously prefer the last one because it feels good both during and after the activity, but the first one, even though it is painful while you are being engaged in it, is still really good for you.

The ones that are bad, but that are easy to avoid.

The second activity (the ones that feel wrong both when we are engaged in it and after we finished it) is naturally avoided because it always feels wrong and we take no pleasure out of it.

The one type that requires us to be (extremely) careful.

However, there is one type of activity we need to be very careful with: the third one. Why? Because it is something that feels really good while you are doing it, but makes you feel really bad after you did it. Thus it can be really tempting to engage in it, but we should not or we will probably feel awful in the long run.

I sincerely hope that today’s post helped you see how you can evaluate whether or not an activity is good for you. In order to know, you should not focus on the way you feel while you are engaged in that activity but on the way you feel after that activity. That is the easiest way to know.

Sometimes, the worse decisions as easy to make, and the best ones really tough. Make sure you ask yourself the right questions, and engage mostly in activities that are going to bring value to your life in the long run. I wish you the best of all days. ♡

    1. Aww thank you so much, it makes my day!! I just created a podcast too (literally ten minutes ago), in case you are interested. It is still a beginner-level, but feel free to listen and give me feedback if you want. ♡
      N.B You can find it either in the category “podcast” or in “freebies”.

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  1. Great advice on personal development. Questioning our feelings after doing activities is something we rarely do but important as you’ve pointed out. Like the activity of reading this article feels good on doing it and after reading. Thanks

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    1. Thank you so much, your comment made me smile! We too rarely do it as we are in our “Go go go” perspective on life. That is why it is so important to make it a habit to slow down for a minute or two after we finished an activity and to really ask the right questions.

      Have a nice day! 🌸

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  2. Camille, your post made me think about the power of being able to delay immediate gratification and how different types of activities complement each other. Sometimes doing the things that may only feel good after we do them gives us more energy to do the things that are the most enjoyable to us. And who knows, you may one day come to love that healthy activity you don’t like doing now. I can’t wait to listen to your podcast!

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    1. That is exactly what I think! Personally, I used to hate cooking, or actually, I used to think I was bad at it. Nonetheless, I knew that processed food was bad for my health so I started forcing myself a little bit. Now, I love cooking so much!
      And yes, sport is a perfect example of that concept: it is rather hard, but it feels good after we did it. Moreover, it gives us so much energy and allows us to enjoy other activities so much more fully.

      Oh that is so kind! I am still really new at it (it is a way for me to improve my English), but if you want to listen to my two first episodes (the second one being better in terms of quality), you can do so here:


    1. Hello Rosell, that is so kind!! It is the second time I am nominated for this wonderful award & my draft is already ready with the previous questions I got asked. For that reason, I will not be able to answer yours but I definitely added your name & a link to your blog in the introduction of my post.

      Thank you again,
      Camille 🌸

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    2. Aww than you so much! Yes, it changed everything! And I think I did not mention it in the Q&A but moving in with my boyfriend helped a lot too. He is a minimalist as well & I truly think that two minimalists together end up influencing each other decluttering and living more intentionally. 🌸

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