Minimalist Mindset Shift: There Are No Such Things As “Basics”.

While I was recording this podcast episode about the 30 things you can declutter today but probably thought you could not, I realized that I had never referred to one of my favorite principles on that blog before. This principle is quite simple: basics do not exist. Once you know it, it is automatically far easier to find your personal style or embark on a minimalism journey. Once you understand hat there is absolutely nothing you “need” to own to start with, everything becomes easier because you can start with a perfectly blank canvas.

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Basics do not exist, we are all unique.

What is basic for some people may not be for you and vice-versa. I truly do not think that a white shirt, a pair of stilettos and a black dress are “basics”. I do not think a microwave, a car and a kettle are “basics”. To me, a pink silk shirt is a “basic”, but probably not to you.

Basics can’t exist, simply because we are all absolutely unique, with our unique style, lifestyle & tastes. Thus, there is a shift of mindset to be made. It is time to understand that it is up to us to find our very own definition of “basic”.

Once you get rid of the idea of “basics”, you can live YOUR minimalist life.

To me, minimalism is all about getting rid of everything that does not bring any value to your life. Regular “basics” usually bring no value to your life because you never really liked them in the first place but felt pressured to get them.

Once you realize that you do not need anything, you can be whoever you really are. Thus, seeing how useless “basics” are helps you be more yourself, & enjoy your life more. It is time to choose what is a “staple”, to choose who you are, & what type of minimalist you want to be. Nobody can tell you what to do, wear or own. You can.

I really hope you enjoyed that post & it helped you understand how important your mindset is when it comes to minimalism (& to life in general). Getting rid of the idea of “basics” means getting rid of a limiting belief, & life truly starts when limiting beliefs disappear.

I wish you the best of all days,

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