4 Words To Swear By. (Inspired by Carla’s post)

In that post, my fellow blogger Carla (see our collaboration about the negative impact social media can have here) shared her 4 Words To Swear By and I go really inspired by that idea. That’s why today, you get to read my own 4 words to swear by. These words are the most important to use in your everyday life and learning their impact can change your life, literally.

Four words that will change your life and the life of people you love - minimalism and elegance.


Carla referred to “No” and “Sorry”, which I found really interesting and that I would have put too in my post. However, she chose them and even though it is not a “proper” collaboration, I do not want to make a dupe of her post, I want to give you another view of it.

“Please” is really important to me as it is a word you use to show respect to others. The saying goes like “the value of a person is seen in the way they treat people who are below them or at their service for a given activity, not above them”. Usually, we say “please” to family members or to our boss, but do we always say please in a café or to the janitor?

You know I am all about elegance and good manners, and to me, respect is at the core of elegance. If you respect people, you respect yourself, and you appear as well-bred while doing the good around you. Thus, make sure you say “please” next time you order an espresso, both for the person in front of you, and for yourself.

Thank You.

That one goes hand in hand with “please”, but has a slightly different meaning. We usually say “thank you” when we get a gift or anything of the sort, but we do not say “thank you” any time we could. Saying these two words is a way to show gratitude, which will warm the heart of your interlocutor and make you feel so much better yourself. Next time a friend asks you to go out for dinner, send at least a message to say “thank you” after the dinner, because you spent a great moment and that was the idea of that friend. It takes one minute and can change a day.


Using the word “breath”e can change your life. Next time you feel overwhelmed or anxious, say or think (depending on the context) “breathe” and take a deep breath. Your breath regulates your level of stress, and saying the word out loud is a great way to trigger the action of breathing more slowly.


Usually, people tell you not to postpone things and not to procrastinate. You know that I am all about productivity, but I am also all about living a balanced life. You will never finish all of your To-Dos for the day if you keep writing new ones every time you have finished the previous one. Thus, learn to say “I will do it tomorrow” and stop writing new things on your To-Do list simply because you still “have time”. Life is about more than just work, it is about enjoying, it is about living.

I hope you loved these four words and the impact they can have both on your mental health and on your relationships. Please feel free to tell me in the comments YOUR 4 Word To Swear By.

I wish you the best of all days,

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