3 Wonderful Ways To Support A Friend Who Dislikes Christmas.

Maybe you are the biggest fan of Christmas, but your best friend or significant other is not. You tend to feel quite sad for them and sad for yourself at the same time because you feel bad each and every time you want to let your joy out. There is a lot you can actually do for them in order to lift them up in this especially difficult time to feel sad. Here are a few examples, let’s get started!

Ask before you act.

That can sound stupid as you may think “it is my friend, he feels happy for me, that is normal” but never assume something is “normal” if you have not asked. In the same way, you may think that you need to keep your joy quiet in order not to hurt their feelings, but that may be the worst thing to as well. Maybe seeing that you are not joyful makes your friend feel even worse. In any case, communicating is essential.

Be there to listen.

Do not spend you whole life asking if everything is okay, this may be overwhelming for them, but make sure you are not talking all the time. You need to let some space in the conversation for your friend to actually start a conversation with you and talk about their feelings. Be a great listener, this will always help, not matter the situation you are in. Moreover, that makes you a better & happier person.

Show them that Winter is not all about Christmas.

Last but not least, show your friend that Winter is such a wonderful time of the year and that it does not necessarily need to be linked to Christmas. In that post about the things you can do in Winter if you do not like Christmas, I shared with you a Winter bucket list full of things you could do with your friend this year. I think reminding them that Christmas is such a short part of Winter is essentiel and could help them feel much better.

This post was quite short, but these three things are absolutely fundamental and if you choose to do the three of them, it will have an awesome effect on your friend’s life. Moreover, I do not want to overwhelm you with thousands of “pseudo-tips”, I prefer giving you three of them that work and if you implement them into your life, you will see that they ask for a lot of energy as they are.

I wish you a wonderful day,

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