3 Reasons Why You Should Print Your Thesis as a Book

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Good morning everybody,

As I was sharing my thesis on my Instagram, I realized that a post about the publishing process might be interesting. As a researcher-to-be, I have thought all through the writing of my thesis about ways to share it with the world. You spend so much time writing this beautiful work that it is a pity to me that it is often worth so few points, and often forgotten in a cupboard somewhere at the archive service. Thus, I have asked my supervisor to publish a numeric version of it on a French website called DUMAS. I am pretty sure there are equivalents in your country, as this type of website hosts master’s theses (the same way Ph.D. theses are hosted to be kept available) so that your work can be accessed by other students/researchers. Then, I realized that even though the internet version and the paper one were fantastic, there must be a better way to make my thesis more “attractive” (that is how much I love research!) The idea had emerged: let’s make a book of it!

This is how I started looking through different options for self-publishing. Usually, Indie authors use these tools, but you can too, and here is the beautiful part, right? Amazon is indeed an option, but for those of you who do not like buying from Amazon, know that numerous alternatives allow you to publish your thesis as a book.

Books are less expensive than academic printing

Regular academic printing is extremely expensive (my thesis is about 350 pages long, and I have paid $300+ for my four compulsory copies!) while self-published books are about $5 each if printed in black and white! I am pretty sure this is an option to investigate for real in the world of research! If your school does not allow this format, you can at least print your personal copy this way so that you do not have to pay an extra amount of money “just to” keep your version of the work.

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Books look more professional

It is true that printed books look more professional than regular academic printing. Even though it obviously looks less academic in the first sense of the term, it does look more “put together” and gives a finishing touch to your work. Moreover, many Academics do publish books about their research field, so there are no reasons not to investigate that option for us, baby researchers, as well.

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You can give copies easily

As printing books are less expensive than academic printing and look more professional, these copies are more versatile and can thus be used in the workplace. If you want to pursue a Ph.D., then you can obviously give a copy to your new supervisors, but if you want to get into a non-academic career, you can also use the copies. A master’s thesis is indeed a way to show your interest and expertise in a particular topic and thus, it can help you stand out in a job interview. Moreover, the simple fact of showing an object raises your chances of getting hired, so please imagine how much you would increase your chances by actually giving an object that shows your expertise!

I do hope today’s post has been somehow useful, and I wish you the best of all days in this exam-oriented season!

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