On the importance of loyalty

Today, I thought that a little rambling post might be interesting. You know my love for “toolkit” posts (5 ways to… ; A complete guide to…), but I do have a thing for not-so-organized posts as well. What about a little introduction to the concept of loyalty? I know what you are thinking: “Camille, we all know what loyalty is”. The concept itself is indeed well-known, but do you really see how crucial it is to your success? Being true to oneself and reliable is the key to success, and I will show you how. Ready?

When I am asked the most important qualities I want people in my life to show, my answer is always:

“Loyalty and curiosity”.

Why is loyalty so important? Here are the main reasons why you want to show and receive loyalty, in order to bathe in it in your everyday life. Enjoy!

Table of contents

  1. How being loyal can change your life
    1. A loyal person seems confident
    2. Loyalty owes you respect and loyalty
    3. Loyalty allows you information
  2. How surrounding yourself with loyal people can change your life
    1. A loyal circle = a mastermind
    2. Finding genuine trust

How being loyal can change your life

A loyal person seems confident

Is there anything better than this in the workplace, or in any place whatsoever? Studies show that confident people (or people who seem to be confident) are more attractive, and thus more likely to obtain whatever they want. Isn’t it the best reason to show loyalty?

Moreover, being loyal will not only increase how confident you look but also (and above all), how confident you feel. It is indeed impossible not to feel confident when you know that you are reliable. It is indeed beyond beautiful to be able to show loyalty to yourself, this becoming your absolute best friend.

Loyalty owes you respect and loyalty

I am the living proof of this: my respect for loyal people is endless. If you are trustworthy, people want to trust you and be part o your circle. It is as simple as that, guys. Thus, being loyal and showing that you are on a daily basis by making it a cornerstone of your behavior will help you attract the best people. I always tell you that you are nothing without a strong network, as we are all social creatures. Thus, please curate that network of yours, and loyalty is the best way not to be mistaken in that realm.

Loyalty allows you information

Last but not least, loyal people get what they want. I know this may sound a little “too much”, but it is actually quite logical and not that much at all. If loyalty owes you respect and loyalty, then, of course, people want to confide in you. Loyalty means you are trustworthy; thus, your network wants to share with you.

We often tend to think that gaining information from one’s network is only profitable through betraying, but NOT AT ALL. Actually, by never betraying and simply using the information respectfully (by asking for permission above all), you can tap into the same network over and over. If there is ONE secret to my success, I bet it is this particular one.

How surrounding yourself with loyal people can change your life

We just saw that loyal people attracted loyal people. Thus, the easiest way to attract loyal people is to be loyal first. It is indeed impossible to change other people, but so possible to change oneself. Once you are loyal, here is why you want to attract loyal people into your circle:

A loyal circle = a mastermind

I often tell you how interested I am in deep human connections, and this also applies to business/work. I love my mastermind, that is to say, my business circle. I am really sure there is nothing one can do alone and thus, surrounding myself with “people like me” is the absolute secret to both success and sanity. Thus, by being loyal, you attract loyal people, and thus, you can build a circle that can fully support your lifestyle, goals, and happiness.

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Finding genuine trust

Last but not least, I feel like having one person in your life you can trust fully is essential. I am lucky enough to have several people I can rely on whenever life gets too heavy, and I need to talk. Know that the most intense your job is (politics, CEO…), the harder things can get, and thus, the more you can need to talk. However, therapy is not always the type of talk you are looking for, and having one true friend you can trust blindly is the secret to your sanity.

I hope today’s post has been somehow useful. I am getting back into the blogging sphere more and more and can’t wait to go back to our old sweet rhythm. Life has changed quite drastically, and I am so impatient to share it all with you. Until then, please take care!

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