The Worst-case Scenario Vibe

Do you sometimes think about the worst-case scenario? What is the worst thing that could happen if you did this or that? Let me show you:

🌻 Sucking at something everybody seems good at: ✅
🌻 Doing a giveaway nobody registers in: ✅
🌻 Starting a brand nobody cares about (not even you): ✅
🌻 Selling a product nobody will buy: ✅
🌻 Spending 5y doing something with no visible results: ✅

And I am 100% sure there are things I have forgotten here. The truth is I have had my fair share of crap and am still considered to be really successful. Entrepreneur, Academic, polyglot, mentor, author: you name it!

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I am truly sure it is all a matter of mindset: we all think about the worst-case scenario, but we can make it an asset. I can’t tell you it won’t happen because it did many times for me. However, I can assure you it will be totally okay to recover from it, and you will learn your load of things along the way. There are projects that skyrocket and others that suck: life is life.
Nonetheless, it makes no sense to sit here waiting for life to happen. If you have a dream, pursue it. Sometimes the outcome is definitely not what was planned, but is it a problem whatsoever?

You CAN do it all, as knowing what the worst-case scenario is helps to see that “it can’t get worst” and thus give it your all once and for all! Remember: you are STRONGER than your worst-case scenario!

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