How I Plan With Trello + Free “Board Inspiration” List.

You know me, I love planning & writing lists. I used to do it all in a notebook, but I soon realized this method did not suit my lifestyle. When I am in class, I need to be able to write ideas as soon as possible without having to take a notebook: teachers would feel like I am getting distracted if I did so. However, I am not because often, a lecture on children’s literature makes me think about a post, which means I am listening carefully to the class. This post is not sponsored at all, but I really think you will profit from the app I am writing about today.

Enough rambling, here is what you came for:

How to plan with Trello + your free board inspiration list. - Productivity

How Trello Works & Why I love It.

I have been using Trello for more than two years now, so I feel quite legitimate to write about it. Basically, Trello is an app/website you can use to be more organized. Here is how it works, and why I love it so much:

How Trello works.

  • It is completely FREE. You can upgrade if you want, but I have personally never felt the need to do so and I make an intensive use of Trello so I do not think the upgraded plan is really worth the money for a “basic” & personal use of the app.
  • A really clear system: in your Trello dashboard, you will see different “boards”. You give a name to the board (e.g. “Weekly Planner”) and then, you create lists (e.g. “Monday” ; “Tuesday” &c.). Then, you can write items in the lists you just created (e.g. “cleaning the house”) & in your items, you can write sub-items (e.g. “cleaning the sink”). This system allows you to be super specific and, thus, super organized.

Even More Great Things.

  • You can put covers on your items, which means that, for instance, you can have your “Monday List” and an “AM” cover item + a “PM” cover item in oder to organize your list even more throughly!
  • You can also choose the background of your choice for the boards. For instance, I love putting pictures of laptops & peonies on my “work-related” boards and pictures of planes on my “travel-related boards”. I truly think that seeing a pretty picture on your lists & planners helps boosting motivation.
  • For a more “personal touch”, you can even choose to put one of your own pictures on your covers. For instance, on your “AM” cover, you can put a cup of coffee: it is cool to be able to see YOUR favorite pictures on your lists. Usually, that is the problem I find with most online planners: they are not “personal” enough. With Trello, that problem disappears.
  • Another real “bonus” is that you can easily move things around. Let’s say you were not able to “clean the house” on Monday, you can easily put the card “clean the house” in your Tuesday list. So easy, and super fast!
  • One last point: you can download the app for free on your phone and the things you write on your laptop automatically appear (in a matter of seconds) on your phone. Is not that perfect for us, productive Ladies?

As productive Ladies (and gentlemen), we always have so much going on and honestly, that app saves my mind from so many troubles. If you gave not found your favorite planner yet, you definitely should give it a try. If you have another way to plan, maybe in a notebook or through an app, please tell us in the comments as it will probably help a lot of readers.
Once more, I wish you the best of all days,

    1. I used to be like you but I spent so much time creating beautiful pages in my bullet journal that I ended up not even using it to organize my days lol. Thanks for commenting!


  1. Insightful post.
    I loved Trello. I used it before switching to Notion. However, the switch didn’t occur because it was limiting. More so, because I preferred having everything in one place.
    I still recommend Trello for anyone looking solely for a Roadmap/Kanban style feature.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for commenting! I start considering Notion to be honest as I see it absolutely everywhere. I still need to think it over but the day I will feel limited with Trello, I will definitely choose Notion. ☺️

      Liked by 1 person

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