5 Reasons Why A Simple Outfit Makes You More Productive.

The simpler, the better.

It is important to understand that choosing an outfit is not only a matter of vanity but has a real impact on things such as productivity. When I say “make sure your outfit is great”, I am not telling you to dress in a very pretty but uncomfortable dress. You need to make sure the outfit is simple, and yet comfortable and beautiful in your eyes. Why is choosing the right outfit so important? There are 5 main reasons, and here they are:

When you know your style, you do not lose time looking for the right clothes in your wardrobe.

What if you knew your clothes so well and you loved your outfits so much that you just owned things in which you felt REALLY good? This is an achievable goal, especially if you dive a little bit into minimalism and the benefits of having a capsule wardrobe. Having only “perfect outfits” ready-to-go in your wardrobe will save you time, and that time will be easily invested into more meaningful & productive things.

No heels = a faster & less tired woman.

What if I told you that you can walk faster & be less tired than you are? It seems counter-intuitive, right? If you walk faster, you must necessarily be more tired, or… maybe not. You just have yo get rid of those heels! I love a great pair of heels, do not get me wrong, but they are great for important meetings or nights out. Are they really good for a day out, going form meeting to meeting (or class to class)? Not really. So keep your heels for the right occasion and do not hurt yourself, your time and your energy level with unnecessary heels.

A simple outfit = no more details stopping you from being active.

Have you ever spent a day with a blouse that has little fringes or anything similar on it? Each and every time I wear that type of thing, the fringes just naturally get into my rings and it is a catastrophe: the blouse gets damaged (fringes get longer and longer), the ring remains entangled in the fringes and I lose precious minutes trying to fix all of that.

However, you can wear a very pretty blouse that is far simpler and still gorgeous. That was just an example that struck me but in general, make sure your outfit, even though it looks pretty, does not prevent you from being active and doing what you have to do.

An outfit you feel good in is an outfit that allows your brain to think about something else (& more important).

There are two main reasons for us to feel bad in an outfit:

  1. It is too tight and it is impossible to move properly because of it.
  2. It is just not our “style” and we feel bad wearing it (a dress that is too sexy, a jumper that is too oversized &c.)

Make sure you fall in none of these categories because when you feel bad in an outfit, you actually tend to lose quite a lot of energy thinking about it. On the contrary, if your outfit feels good, if you end up forgetting about it, you automatically have more energy to put into more meaningful things.

A simple outfit is a versatile outfit.

Let’s say you need to meet with a friend for lunch and you need to see a client by 3 p.m. You do not necessarily have time to go back home, right? However, if your outfit is simple enough, it becomes versatile. Who feels good in high heels all day? Well, I personally don’t. My tip? Having a simple outfit and two pairs of shoes. Shoes can elevate your look or make you look more casual ; changing shoes can change the entire vibe of your outfit. Sneakers with you friend for lunch and heels for the office. It is that simple, but if you want different shoes to suit the same outfit perfectly, you need to make sure the outfit is simple and neutral enough to look good with different pairs of shoes.

These five reasons explain that your outfit is linked to your level of productivity. There are, honestly, dozens of other reasons to spend time creating and exploring your wardrobe so feel free to share your advice in the comments. (⇩⇩⇩) There is nothing vain in choosing the right outfit, keep that in mind. ♡

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