The Ultimate Guide: Get Out Of a Blogging Rut.

As a blogger myself, I know that sometimes, blogging gets hard. You have no inspiration, you see that your analytics aren’t great at all and you simply feel unmotivated to write. Does that sound familiar? If yes, make sure to read my little tips for when that happens. After five years of blogging, I have created a little “bucket list” of things to do whenever I feel unmotivated to write. Ready?

Look at other pretty blogs.

It may sound obvious but when you do not feel like blogging… just look at other blogs. Of course, do not copy another blogger’s content or you will look absolutely unnatural, but take inspiration where it is. It does not have to be about reading their posts. What I love is going on blogs I love the design of and getting inspired by their vibe. When I look at my favorite blogs, I want to grab a cup of coffee, put my hair in a bun and write. It puts me in a writing mood instantly!

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Change the design of your blog a little bit.

Very often, it is not that we do not want to blog, but rather that we do not want to write. However, I often say that blogging is not all about writing and that of course, posts are important but they are just part of your “job” as a blogger. When you feel uninspired, maybe create new designs on Canva or change the widgets in your sidebar. You can work on your blog withtout writing and sometimes, that is what helps me get motivated to write more.

Bonus point: when your blog looks brand new (one more widget can be enough, you do not have to change your whole them!), you feel so good writing new posts!

Take a blogging break.

That one is huge as well. You will often see other bloggers telling you to be consistent, and I do believe it is important. However, being consistent for the sake of being consistent is meaningless. You want to create posts that are aligned with your values and that will bring value to your readers. If you write for the sake of writing but are not passionate about what you are writing, then stop it all for a while. Your readers can feel that you are not one hundred percent into what you are writing anyway.

Bonus point: if you want to be extra consistent but to still have the opportunity to take a blogging break when you need it, prepare your posts in advance. I always have around a month of content ready so that I know that whenever I am feeling a little unmotivated, I can take a week off without letting my audience alone!

List your passions and do not hesitate to change your niche.

Last but not least, let me tell you that sometimes, it is not blogging that makes you unmotivated, it is your niche. Your niche is basically the topic you are writing about, whether it is cooking, beauty, minimalism or absolutely anything else. A lot of people love the idea of having only one niche and that makes sense as your audience knows you for once thing and knows what they will find on your blog but I am personally into several niches. Here, we talk about blogging, minimalism, elegance and so much more.

If you feel unmotivated to write, try to list your passions and then, think about your niche. If your niche is no aligned with your passions anymore, just change it. You can still write a little bit about your first niche but feel free to expriment: it is YOUR blog after all. Of course, we write to be read, but above all, we write to express. You may be surprised of how happy your readers are with your brand new niche!

I really hope you loved today’s post and will find joy in it. It can be hard to be a blogger at times and there are challenges that come with that passion. I want us all to feel great and to understand that we are not alone.

And you, what do you do when you feel unmotivated to write? Give us your advice down below!

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