5 Original Lists You Can Write to Organize Your Life & Feel Inspired.

We live in a world where to-do lists have become the norm. However, and even though these lists help organize your daily life, there are other lists than can serve the same purpose. These lists do not require you to have a look at them on a regular basis, but the simple fact of writing them helps organize tour thoughts. Where to-do lists organize your thoughts short term, these 5 Original Lists will organize your life long term, focusing on things that take much more time and energy than “doing the dishes” or any other trivial thing on your daily to-do list.

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A “travel” list.

This list has several benefits:

  • If you think you do not travel a lot, seeing how many cities you have visited yet (including cities from your native country) will show you how wrong you are.
  • You will finally have a clear idea of where you have travelled yet.
  • You will feel inspired to work more in order to afford more travels to your “future destinations”.

How do you create that list? I personally divided mine in three parts:

  1. Visited towns (sorted by country): you will wee that you have visited quite lot of countries and these great memories will make you feel happy and motivated for your next trip.
  2. Future destinations. They are the places you have more or less planned to visit. By “planned”, I mean that you already have a vague idea of the month you would like to go and of the price it will cost you.
  3. Dream destinations. These are either the countries/cities you do not have a date for yet or that are too expensive for you right now. Listing them will make you dream, and it feel really good. No, you won’t feel bad thinking about what you can’t have (yet), you will feel motivated to work towards being able to afford it in the future.

A well-built plan for a project that frightens you.

This project can be absolutely anything, from starting a blog to getting into the school of your dreams. You need to divide this big goal into little achievable tasks. For instance, you can create a Trello board entitled “New blog” divided into several lists: “domain name ideas”, “post titles list”, “possible freebies” &c. That big goal of yours will finally feel achievable and you will finally be able to start working towards it TODAY. What better way to feel great and inspired?

A list of all your grades + deadlines (if you are a student).

That is true for every single student in the world and even more true if you have online courses. It can get too easy to get lost in numerous deadlines and we just do not want that. It would be too sad to miss an assignment simply because you expected a teacher to remind you it was due on X day. Thus, write it all dow; it will make you feel organize and will save you a lot of stress during finals season.

Moreover, have a list of your grades for a simple reason: teachers are no magicians. They can make mistakes or forget to put a grade in the final report. Make sure you have all of your grades noted somewhere and take charge of your own results.

A list of medical appointments for the year.

Divide this list between medical appointments you have been to this year, medical appointments that are booked, and medical appointments you still need to make. Thus, you will never forget an appointment and you will make sure you have made all the necessary calls. I know that I live in France and that here, our heath care system is simply wonderful. However, even if it is expensive where you live, keep in mind that your health is your NUMBER ONE priority. Without health, you can’t have anything. Moreover, a few appointments a year can save you a lot of bigger healthy-problems and thus, a lot of money in the long run.

A list of ALL the clothes you allow yourself to buy.

It can seem weird, it may be, but it works in two different awesome ways:

  1. You will be more likely to stop yourself from making an impulse purchase if you know it is not on the list.
  2. You will not feel ashamed when buying a new item if it is on the list. This one can seem stupid to non-minimalists but my fellow minimalists know that it is too easy to feel ashamed when we buy new items.

To me, the best way to make this list is to think:

If I had to move to another country, what would I buy?

If you had to buy it all again, chances are you would not buy that much stuff simply because… it is expensive! Thus, write that list and tell us what items you just could not live without!

List of lists you should make for a more organized & productive life.

What about you, what are your favorite lists to feel instantly better & more organized?

  1. Great post! I will definitely write a travel list, so I can remind myself how much fun I had before the Covid lockdown hah.
    I also like writing a “done” list as well as a to-do list, so you see what you have already achieved – and it’s somewhat productive!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I used to write a “done” list as well during the lockdown! I felt like I was not doing “enough” work but when I started writing a “done” list, I realized that I was actually doing “enough” but even “too much”. It is life-changing! 😋


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