20 Pieces Of Advice I Would Give My Younger Self & Younger Sister.

I am myself the older sister, and what I love the most about that role is giving life advice. I have a brother, but no little sister so today, I thought I would give you the pieces of advice I would have given to my little sister if I had had one. These apply also to men, but some pieces of advice are mostly dedicated to women. There are things my mother taught me, and things I wish a bigger sister would have told me. Let’s get started!

Advice to my younger self. Life advice - self-help.

♡ If a person does not like you, it does not have to be your problem.

♡ Being on your period is not dirty, it is beautiful.

♡ Your breasts are beautiful, not matter what you think, or what guys say of them.

♡ Do not hate all guys simply because they are guys, most of them are good people just like you and me, but we tend to see a lot of the bad ones out there.

♡ Go to college only if you feel it is worth it. Do not go into debt for a degree you are not truly passionate about.

You just do not have to wear makeup to feel beautiful.

♡ Never change your appearance because of what someone told you. Your hair looks great, you eyes too and you do not have to lose weight if YOU do not want to.

♡ Smile as often as you think of it. It changes your life, and improves people’s day as well.

♡ Keep your mystery and never talk too much about yourself in public. Most people do not care about you, they just like to gossip. It is hard, but that’s the truth.

♡ If an exam stresses you out, or if you want to start your own Youtube channel, you do not have t talk about it. It can be your little secret until it feels comfortable.

♡ Studying literature or arts does not make you “dumb” or “immature”, or even “useless” (I have heard that myself), it is actually a very interesting topic and if you hate maths, it is a beautiful option. (Click here for 10 jobs you can do if you love literature)

If that feels wrong, do not do it, no matter what that is.

♡ If you want to be a homemaker and dream about having children and not about a career, you are just as valuable as all career women out there.

♡ You can say no to absolutely anything at absolutely any time: relationships, going out, or kissing that guy.

♡ You do not deserve that pain.

♡ Do not buy anything to impress anyone. Your money must be yours and should be used for something YOU value.

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♡ You do not have to share political interests with everyone and not everyone has to agree with you.

♡ You can’t feel guilty for what you did years ago. You are not the same person anymore, you evolved.

♡ If you lie about your interests and passions, you will only attract people who are a bad fit for you.

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♡ Never talk about religion or politics if you have not been invited to, and if you have, stay as vague as possible. You never know what people are trying to make you say.

I hope these pieces of advice helped you see that everything is going to be okay. We all doubt ourselves, and we all go through a lot of the same hardships. We are in this together, and having virtual older sisters can help a lot.

I wish you the best of all days,

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