[ARC] Kicking Financial A** ♡ Paul Christopher Dumont.

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I received an ARC for free, and I am leaving this honest review voluntarily.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A self-help book that is worth your time.

I am not used to reading self-help books that are so long and usually, when they are, I find them quite boring. But this one is WORTH YOUR TIME and you will be very happy on page 100 that there are still almost 200 pages waiting for you. That book covers the topic of finances (as you may have guessed from the title) and if I managed to get something out of it, you can as well as I am far more turned towards literature than towards finances!

Finance demystified.

I loved how the author oscillated between very accurate and complicated information and simple words to explain the core of it to a novice reader.

The way the guide is organized also makes it very manageable for the reader as:
One theme = one chapter.

Each chapter can be read independently from others (so you can go straight to the point you are most interested in).

Well-illustrated and straightforward.

The author has created a guide based on down-to-earth examples. The book is full of references, quotes and data, which shows how reliable it can be to start learning anything about finances. The author also gives the names of websites I had never heard about and which can help you get (back) on track with your finances for free! To finish on the clarity of the guide, I would say that the presence of summaries helps A LOT, especially if you would like to take notes.

The most important ideas of the book, in my humble opinion.

Overall, I enjoyed the way that book approached the notion of « money » and how it was not merely an « earn more money to spend it on luxurious items » kind of book. Here are a few examples of the author’s ideas I enjoyed the most:
Money is not a final goal but a mean to a bigger goal only.
Money means living below one’s means.
Building an « emergency fund » should come before paying off debt as it is better for one’s mental health.

To finish, I would say that this guide is perfect for anyone who knows nothing about finances or wants to learn more. That is one of the rare guides out there which gives MANAGEABLE advice, RELATABLE examples and the ACTUAL steps one must follow to get out of debt and/or earn more money.

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