Launching Juggle Coaching!

*Juggle coaching = a way to learn how to juggle it all in a balanced way.

Good morning everyone,

I am fully aware that my level of presence over here is close to zero, but I promise I am actually working a lot towards YOU, even though you can’t really see me! To make it short and sweet, I have just published a book for my French readers wanting to improve their English (information here), a portfolio for you to get to know me (in French, but the page translator is good I swear) and I am launching… a business coaching program!!

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Why business coaching?

The idea behind it is quite simple: I have been running a business for quite a bit of time now, and I receive more and more questions about the way I manage to “do it all”. Well, short answer: I don’t! The long answer, however, is far more complex as it needs a total brain rewind to master the technique. Nonetheless, it is more than possible. For that reason, I have decided to launch business coaching, a thing I have never done (for those of you who know me, you know that my business is all about coaching and helping authors!)

Thus, be ready to get business advice around here, but not in the mainstream way (you know me, it is just not my thing!). I will instead share with you the real reason behind my success, focusing on how to HAVE FUN in the process. Did you ever feel like every business piece of advice was virtually impossible to implement into your everyday life? I have, and let me tell you that when I started my first business, I felt like crap. I am not kidding you, I was burnt out, studying for my master’s, having two jobs and, above it all, my side hustle. You know what? I was just feeling like I was basically breathing to work and only that.

Juggle Coachiing

Having fun in business and in life

At some point, I told myself that there was necessarily another way. I am not one to find ways “around” things, I far prefer ways “through” them. Thus, I figured out that there must be some way I could do “it all” (or reevaluate priorities) while staying sane in the process. At some point, as my business was getting clients, my school work skyrocketing and my academic career getting great, I realized that the thing I was lacking was pretty simple: F.U.N. You read right, fun is basically ALL YOU NEED!

This may sound a little counterproductive at first: why would you want to have fun when it is a success you are working towards? Actually, the most astounding progress in my business has been made only once I have started having fun.
Let me ask a question: why do you want to run a successful business? In your heart, is not it to feel fulfilled and great? Thus, you are doing it in order to « have fun », no matter your definition of the expression.
When you are doing something in order to reach a specific goal, the best thing you can do is to live in abundance, and feeling the way you would after reaching success is definitely the easiest way. Thus, having fun in the process sounds like the best way to reach success and, with it, have fun as a result.
Here is the logical reason why you need to have fun in business. However, the sentimental reason is quite simple: if not for fun and happiness, then what for?

I hope you will love this new adventure. Know that those of you who do not want to run a business will still benefit greatly (hopefully!) from the content, as it is definitely applicable to your whole life and especially to all professional backgrounds! Let’s grow and have fun together!

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