[Discussion post] Do Libraries Still Matter in 2021?

As a librarian, my short answer to that question must be: yes. However, I know it is a discussion to have and that not everybody agrees with me. I will personally give you the reasons why I do believe libraries to be useful, and would like you to give me in the coments your opinion on that topic.

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♡ Why I do think that libraries still matter ♡

 1- Libraries allow people to be able to read and learn for free, something very rare noawadays.

2- Libraries allow parents to get inspired when it comes to doing activities with their children.

3- Libraries are a happy place you can go to in order to calm your nerves.

4- Libraries are a place for writers to get inspired and thus play a huge role in the writing process & literary creation.

5- Libraries are a place for book lovers to meet and have deep conversations about the books they love.

6- Libraries are usually the only place people can go to spend time for free.

This is definitely not an exhaustive list but it will hopefully get the conversation started. I really do think that in spite of all the things the internet can provide us with (content, copnnections etc.), libraries do have a part to play in the literary sphere. It is a place of connection, of reading but above all, a place of equality. In a library, everyone must feel included, find content that they personally like and feel listened to. Being a librarian, in my own humble opinion, is not only about lending books: it is about helping people feel happier.

What about you, what are your thoughts on the importance of libraries? Feel free to share them with us in the comments! As always, wrong answers do not exist. ♡


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