3 Unique Ways to Organize Your Books in a Small Apartment

I published a post lately on ways you can organize books on your shelves and you seem to have really liked it. In that particular post, I offered to write another post about extra ways you can organize books elsewhere than on a shelf and today, I want to share my tips with you. It is indeed quite tricky to organize it all when you live in a small space such as a bedroom or, like me, a studio apartment. Through times, I have gathered a few ideas on how you can organize books in a small apartment without making the look of it ugly. Ready?

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Make a bookish nighstand

Of course, this idea implies that you do not want to use the books that serve as a nightstand. However, it is a great way, in my opinion, to save money on a piece of furiniture while organizing a few of your books. You can align three or fours colons in order to make the nighstand bigger and find room for more of your books.

Cover the plinths

That may sound weired but I had done it in a room in my previous apartment and I do think it looked good. You can choose a part of the room and simply cover the plinths with your books, which looks extremely great and “boho” if you add plants to the composition (bonus: I had a hammock as well and it was heaven!)

Hang your books

Have you ever seen those pictures of books hanging from the ceiling? I love that so much! I think it looks particularly cute in an office and really brings a whimsical touch. There are many great DIYs all over the internet in case you are interested.

As you can tell, those tips almost necessarily imply that you do not use the books you own on a regular basis as they almost always become pieces of furiture or room decor. What I do i that I have a few shelves on the walls and thus, I can display the books that I use for my thesis for instance. That way, I can have my “cute” books as room decor and my “useful” books ready to be read.

I hope this post was somehow useful adn give you ideas on how to display your books,


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