4 Ways To Turn A Basic Outfit Into A Christmas Outfit. ☆ Minimalism. #Blogmas

As a minimalist, I sometimes find it hard to create original outfits with the limited amount of clothes I own. I am definitely not going to buy a new dress for Christmas or any special occasion of that sort, but I have gathered a few items along the years that help me boost the “wow” effect of even a simple black dress. Ready? Go!

A silk scarf.

This one is so “frenchie”! Tie it around your neck, in your hair or around your bag. No matter your choice, the noble material & beautiful pattern (they always have gorgeous patterns on them) will automatically boost any outfit.

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If you follow etiquette strictly, pearls must be worn during the day & diamonds at night. Nonetheless, that is one of these etiquette rules I made the choice to break & I do think you can too. Diamonds are more expensive than pearls, & pearls give a “Parisian in the 50’s” vibe to any outfit.

Small square heels.

If you are used to being invited to cocktail parties &c. , I would advise you to invest in a pair of what I like to call “fake flats”. These are shoes with a small square heel. The heel will help you look taller but you won’t feel bad or have sore feet because of the height or posture of your feet. You will thus have the advantages of the heel without its downsizes, because you do not want to feel bad in high-heels at parties you can’t always sit at.

Invest in your hair.

It is absolutely not necessary but if you want to invest in something, I would advise you to bet on your hair. Your hairstyle is no material possession & will disappear at the end of the night, which can be great for a minimalist. Moreover, wearing a simple outfit will bring the focus to your hair, & that is a smart choice when you want to stand out at a party.

I hope these four tips helped you see how you could turn your simple outfits into Christmas outfits. It probably helped you think about your own ways to turn an outfit in to a party one so if you want to share these thoughts with us, feel free to do so.

As always, I wish you the best of all days,

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