The Minimalist Lady Podcast.

A podcast made of short episodes, destined to all the productive Ladies who can’t dedicate fifty minutes to a self-help podcast. ♡

The Topics We Cover Together


Our Goal.

Welcome, productive Ladies. This podcast is dedicated to women who spend their life doing a million things a day. I am here to help you slow down and enjoy the road to get wherever you want to be. When I say “productive”, I am not only talking to my career women out there, homemakers and stay-at-home moms are so welcome as well. I want to show you that productivity can be paired with balance. There is so much slow-living, minimalism and culture can do for us to achieve that goal. Let’s be elegant, healthy, productive & happy. Yes, it is possible, and easier than you think. Camille. ♡

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Feel free to contact me and give me advice. Podcasting is totally new to me, and I want you to come on that beautiful adventure with me. ♡