Minimalism as a fast way to look elegant.

Dear reader,

Today, I want to share with you my own definition of minimalism and the reasons why it exponentially improved both my style and way of life. I started my minimalism journey around three years ago, and here is what I have learnt and gained from it.

What minimalism is not, according to me 

A lot of people seem to understand minimalism as a form of competition. Let me explain. When it all started becoming a “trend”, people were really focused on the benefits of it but it is just as if today, everyone was willing to possess less than the neighbor in order to be a “better minimalist”. You won’t find any of this here, I promise.

An item with purpose → A lot of time saved and invested more wisely

In my eyes, minimalism is absolutely not about the number of items you possess, but about their use. According to me, each and every item needs to have a room, a purpose, and a use. For instance, my bamboo comb could be “too much” for a lot of minimalists, but it is located in my vanity, is used for three different purposes, and is used twice a day. Thus, it becomes one of my essentials. When you know exactly each item present in your house, you save so much time because you know what you can work with. Thus, the time saved is time you can invest actually combing your hair and not looking for the “right comb”, you only own one anyway.

Quality of items you genuinely love

Minimalism, in my eyes, is also a way to be more elegant in the sense that you can invest in and care for good-quality items. If you were used to buy fast fashion on sale and  did not really love what you just purchased, these items probably tended to clutter your wardrobe, did not they? Hmm, I’ve been there too. When you get rid of all the items you do not genuinely love and feel like wearing for decades, your wardrobe is quite empty, believe me. However, the $10 you have spared on ten terrible-quality shirts add up and you can invest $100 in ONE good-quality piece you will be happy to wear, a piece that will make you feel more put together and confident.

Moreover, because you love that piece so much, you will be likely to want to take care of it, wash it properly and thus, keep it longer. Thus, you will spare even more money on the long run.

Matching outfits, effortlessly

Usually, with minimalism comes a discovery of your tastes. You tend to think twice before buying an item, and with time, you end up buying pieces that all match because you realize that:

  • there are colors you love buying more than others/that suit you better than others.
  • when it comes to putting a lot of money in a shirt, you are likely to choose a timeless shirt rather than a weird orange-looking one.
  • good-quality clothes are far easier to mix and match as silk never looks odd with jeans, but polyester sometimes does.

I could focus on the topic for hours but I prefer not overwhelming you and if you want, I could totally do a “Minimalism as a fast way to look elegant: n°2” in the future. Last but not least, if you feel like you will never be able to declutter and have this blank canvas (understand, an almost empty wardrobe and house) to start with, know that it is a long process and that it is totally normal. If you want a little tip to get you started, apply the “one in, one out” rule: each time you bring a new (good quality, if possible) item into your home, get rid of another item. It is not as painful as a total decluttering session, and can do wonders with time. You will see that you will be more likely to get rid of items even though you do not bring new ones in afterwards.

Hoping I have been able to put minimalism into a new light for you, 


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