Thoughts on balancing studies and homemaking


Dear reader, 

Today, I want to tackle with you a topic I always push back as it is a little controversial. We will talk about my views on homemaking. First, I will provide you with a definition of the term: to me, “homemaking” is putting love into your home, nurturing your environment and your relationship. Usually, we associate homemaking with housewives, which I find great (even though I prefer the term “homemaker” as “housewife” reminds me of Desperate Housewives and seems to be linked to drama in my head) but I want to give you another alternative.

I think one can be both a homemaker and a student and/or follow a career path. You can do part-time homemaking and still be a homemaker. I personally study full-time and have a job on the weekends, but I still consider myself a homemaker. Homemaking is about putting effort into the well-being of you home. It means going back to more traditional values, without necessarily diving deep into 1950’s homemaking. Each and every period has its own needs and even though some wonderful women manage to be full-time homemakers, we should not feel like frauds because we want to live that way as well. In 2020, I think full-time homemaking is still possible, but maybe it is not for you yet or you do not feel like living on one income. That is perfectly fine. 

You can have a main activity and be a homemaker in the evening, the same way that you can work as a homemaker most of the day and still have a part-time job or side-hustle. Create balance in your life, it is all about balance and what feels good to you. I find homemaking beyond appeasing. I love taking care of the apartment I share with my beloved boyfriend, I love cooking for and with him, I love cleaning the space so that he can come home to a fully clean apartment after a night shift. And I do not feel oppressed at all. You can be a homemaker, enjoy it, conciliate it with your main activity (for me, studying) and find balance.

I simply want this short post to be a reminder that you do not have to choose all the time. Your life can be 10% something and 90% something else, which does not mean you can not be proud of your 10%. I hope it all makes sense to you. Part-time homemaking is just fine, and even though it is a bit counter-cultural as it goes against the “Hustle movement”, if you love it, go for it. 

Last but not least: homemaking is about mutual respect and kindness. Never forget that, Ladies. You do not have to be ashamed of loving to take care of your partner or husband as long as you feel good in that lifestyle, as long as you feel respected and fulfilled yourself.

Lots of love, 


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