You might not be ready for it and that is fine.

Dear reader, 

We live in a society in which we are told from morning to night that success belongs to those who go for their dreams before they are ready. I do not agree. I think this statement can be true to some extent, but only according to one definition of the word “ready”.

I think there are two types of “I am not ready”, the first one being “I feel ready to do this or that thing but not to take the steps that lead to it” and the second one being “I simply do not feel ready to do this or that.”

Let’s use an example for the sake of the demonstration: on the one hand, X wants to study abroad but does not feel like diving deep into all the administrative work. It means X is not ready to take the necessary steps towards his dream but is ready to live his dream (if no administrative work was needed, he would already be there.) However, on the other hand, Y has an opportunity to study abroad next semester and is not afraid of administrative work, but he still feels a little weird, ill-at-ease. It means Y might not be ready to study abroad; maybe it is not the right time, or maybe not the right opportunity at all.

My point here is that you should not always do things before you are ready, but study the situation you are in. You might be ready but just lazy or you might not be ready at all, and you do not have to feel ashamed about it. Knowing yourself enough to realize your are not ready to do something new shows your maturity, Darling, even though you struggle seeing it in a society that values only over-achievers.

Hoping you are feeling a little better, 

Lots of love, 


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