Start a No-spend Year Without Failing: The Secret. (+ your FREE printable guide!)

We are now in November & even though I am a true believer that we can all make life-changing decisions in the course of the year, the month of January is still a great & motivating place to start. In November, it is time to think about our goals for January because, let’s be fair, we will have other fish to fry in December. Today, I would love to share with you one of my goals for 2021: a no-spend year. This is definitely something I have done in the past, but never mindfully. This time, I really want to track my purchases, & I would be happy to do it with you.

If that is something you are interested in, keep reading!

What is a no-spend year & why is it for you?

What is a no-spend year?

Basically, a no-spend year is what it sounds like: a year during which you do not spend money. Obviously, that is impossible if you consider grocery shopping as “spending money”, but I got you covered. In the No-Spend Journal I share with you today, you can write a list of the things that are essential to you. This has nothing to do with grocery shopping and overall necessities such as buying soap or commuting. This list will be full of YOUR necessities, such as a Spotify membership or your monthly spa day. You are the only person able to know what is essential to your well-being & the goal here is not to feel overwhelmed but to enjoy a more minimalist year.

What can a no-spend year do for you?

You got my point: the goal is to spend an enjoyable year even though you are spending less, or “not spending” in the sense that you are not purchasing unnecessary things (aka things that do not enter your list of “necessities”). Nonetheless, you will probably see that this is a tough process and that temptations are numerous. Thus, you need to know WHY you are embarking on this beautiful journey. In my No-Spend Journal, I created a page you can use to write your “why” & here are a few examples of the things that might motivate you:

  • You will definitely save money.
  • You will develop your self-discipline.
  • You will show yourself that you can “do it” & grow your self-confidence.
  • You will get to know yourself by tracking your purchases and discovering your temptations & triggers (e.g. maybe it is Instagram ads that always get you to buy new underwear).

The secret you need to thrive at it.

Even though you write a list of things you are “allowed” to buy during the year, you will see rather soon that not spending on things that are not on the list is not as easy as planned. Once again, we want to spend a great year, not a year of privation & frustration. Here are my tips for you spend an agreeable no-spend year:

  • Do not put pressure on yourself, you are doing something fun. If the fun goes away, just take a break, reevaluate your motivation and act accordingly.
  • Re-read your “why” and goals whenever you feel unmotivated.
  • Make sure your “essentials” list is really accurate in order not to feel frustrated later when you realize that your Spotify membership has not been put on it. Spend an entire hour if possible, and make sure you forget nothing.
  • Allow yourself no to be perfect. In the No-Spend Journal, you will have an entire page to write the things you bought even though thy were not supposed to. You need to let yourself space in order to evolve gracefully.

I hope you are motivated to start your own no-spend year in 2021. If yes, do not forget to register in order to get your free No-Spend Journal. In case you do not see it appear directly in your browser, feel free to contact me.

I wish you the best of all days,

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