3 Graceful Ways To Combine Several Blog Niches & blog niches that work well together.

One of the first question you are asked to answer when it comes to blogging is: what is your niche? To put it simply, a niche is the main topic of your blog (food, beauty &c.) and will dictate the direction your blog (or future business) is most likely to take. Usually, people recommend that you choose only one niche, wide enough to have inspiration for regular posts, but narrow enough to be really specific and attract the best-suited reader for you. However, multi-passionate people tend to struggle when it comes to picking a niche. When you know that you want to make it a business, then it becomes easier as you usually know what to monetize (a self-help book, clothes &c.). However, when it comes to hobby blogging, choosing the niche feels harder as you just want to write about everything you love… and that is perfectly fine. There are, however, some niches that go well together and graceful ways to combine them. Thus, I have decided to share with you my tips, as a book, blogging and lifestyle blogger.

How to combine blog niches

Have an organized “categories” menu including “sub sub categories”

This will help readers see the logic behind your content and will also allow them to access only the content they are interested in without having to deal with the niches they do not want to read about.

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Create a clear publishing schedule and stick to it

I personally can’t do that as I do not publish often enough in my opinion (once a week right now). However, you can define that Mondays are for foodie posts, Wednesdays for beauty posts and Sundays for lifestyle posts. Thus, your readers will know what to expect and when. It is a little bit like running several blogs at a time, but with a little “bonus” as you create a strong link between different topics by being to one to tackle them.

Find links between the categories

You being interested in them all is alreay a link, period. Nonetheless, I would advise you to brainstorm as much as possible in order to find a more “universal” link between your favorite niches to see how you may present them to your readers. After all, if you are interested in them all, myabe you could raise interest for some of them to your readers.

Blog niches which work well together

From my own personal experience, I would say that there are nivhes that work well together. Maybe it is because most people interested in the niche “X” are also interested in the iche “Y”, maybe it is for design reasons (most blogs about “X” topic” resemble blogs about “Y” topic) but altogether, I would say that some niches just naturally woprk well together. Here is a (small and non-exhaustive) list:

Book blog + lifestyle blog

Why not giving life advice inspired by the book you have just discussed with your readers?

Cooking blog + lifestyle blog

Is not cooking part of lifestyle anyway?

Self-development blog + fitness blog

EVERYTHING + blogging blog

As long as you do blog, you end up having tons of advice to give about it. Thus, let’s create a category to share that with your readers. Most of them who are also bloggers (and let’s face it, most of the people who read blogs are bloggers themselves) will love it.

Fashion blog + makeup blog

Study blog + book blog

I hope today’s post helped you see how easy (and possible) it was to combine blog niches. You do not have to pick between your passions, writing about everything you love is okay. You can try to make it all look and feel organized, but as long as you write with passion, I am sure everything will work out for the best.

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