My Studio Tour (& tips to make your tiny space feel bigger and cozier)

Recently, I shared with you my tips on how to find the perfect studio for your needs. For those of you who do not know, I have had to find a studio apartment after a breakup and thus, I have had to try and concile my high expectations and the little amount of time in front of me. I have been lucky enough to find a cute tiny apartment in the heart of the city center, but finding it is not enough. You do not decorate a studio the way you decorate your regular-size apartment, and going from 60 sqm to 21 sqm, I have had to learn quite a lot of things.

Today, I have decided to share with you the pictures of my new apartment in order to, hopefully, inspire you. It s not perfect yet whatsoever, but you can’t wait for perfection before sharing or else, you’ll probably never share anything, right? There will also be a few tips along the way, so be ready for it. I am fully aware that with back-to-school season, many of you will soon need to find a studio apartment. Let me be the one to show you that you can actually live a very happy life in a tiny space. There is only one concept to remember: the smaller, the cozier. Learn to change your perspective on tiny spaces and you’ll soon realize how much easier it feels.

The “living room”

Let’s face it: most studios do not provide you with a separate bedroom. Thus. it becomes your job to make sure each and every sqm has its very own purpose. I was lucky enough to find a place with a semi-wall and a step separating the two spaces, so it made it easier to create a “living room”. As I always say, make sure you use all of the architectural specificities of the place you live in: this would be my absolute number one ltip for you.

I am still looking for the perfect couch but for now, I have found a compromise. Tip number two would be: have a lot of imagination, and remember that “crazy” ideas are usually the best.

Allow yourself to put your cutest stuff on display and do not ever feel the need to go for “tiny” pieces of furniture. A big bulky wooden piece like this one might look big, but the overall look of the apartment is just fine. If you choose only small pieces of furniture, the place will actually look smaller. This can sound counter-intuitive, but it’s what I’ve learnt.

N.B. If you are interested in the beautiful art on display, you can visit my friend Alice’s Etsy shop here. She is a graphic designer based in France and I could not recommend her work enough.

Really give each “room” a space. Even if you lack space in your “bedroom”, your wardrobe has absolutely nothing to do in the “living room”. Period. Find a way to organize things differently but always respect the integrity of each room. If not, the apartment ends up looking like a storage unit, and that is just not our goal.

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The “bedroom”

Use mirrors. Mirrors must be absolutely everywhere and I am obviously considering buying new ones in the near future. They make the place look two times as big just by being put here and there.

Lights are key. You want the place to be the coziest and thus, using fairy lights is an absolute must. At first, I was afraid an entire wall would look “too much” but in my opinion, it is just a perfect way to elevate the style of the room.

To finish, just know that even if the place is small, you are allowed to put your clothes on display if you want it. It is always a matter of how you do things and never really of what you do. If you are afraid of making the apartment look smaller, remember that the more you try not to make it full, the most “storage unit like” it will look. So you’d better do whatever you want with the decor: there are tips, but there is no rule.

I really do hope today’s post inspired you for your very own apartment. The tips actually apply to bigger space as well: I am no interior designer at all, but everything I know is that there is nothing creativity and boldness can’t beat.

N.B. I obviously have a bathroom but is really tiny and I only basically have a shower unit and toilets in there. Thus, I have not felt the need to show it today. But do not worry, I can shower (I promise!)

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