5 essential things to look for in a studio apartment.

After my breakup, I have had to find a studio apartment, and let me tell you it was not that easy. I am lucky enough to live in a small town that still attracts a bunch of students, so a lot of studio apartments are available (& affordable). Nonetheless, and even though the amount of apartments available seems big, finding THE one was a pain in the back. Thus, I have decided to share with you my tips when it comes to finding the best studio apartment for your needs. I know a lot of students are currently looking for a place to live this net school year so it is the perfect time to publish such a post in my opinion. I hope it will help!

Great insulation

I know, you are looking for the cutest apartment ever but believe me: it is better to have a well insulated apartment than a cuter one. Usually, those “cute” apartments belong to old houses, but the insulation of those houses tends to be a catastrophe. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule but make sure you keep in mind that the better the insulation, the cheaper the charges. If course we want something cute to live in, but we do not want o have bad surprises in the end of the winter months.

A mezzanine

A lot of studios come with a mezzanine: if you can, go for it. Mine does not have one but if I were to choose, I would definitely choose an apartment that has one. The mezzanine allows you to pu your bed on it and thus, to create the illusion of a separate room. Moreover, the rent does not take the sqft on the mezzanine into consideration so you won’t really pay for that extra space.

A smaller bathroom

Of course, it depends on your tastes but I remember visiting a super cute apartment with a gigantic bathroom. However, the living room was… super tiny. You need to make sure that the sqft of the studio are in “the right space” for you as the bigger the bathroom, the smaller the living room.

The illusion of two separate rooms

I already touched upon the topic of the mezzanine before but even withtout it, you can trick the eye. In my apartment, a small step and a big post separate the apartment in two. Thus, I have the illusion of a separate bedroom, even though there is no door between the two spaces.

A plug to put a washing machine

Not every apartment allows you to put a washing machine, and I do not even talk about the space: I talk about the plug. Some apartments just can’t have a washing machine so make sure you ask the landowner if that is something you are looking for in a studio.

I know that most of these tips may seem quite basic, however they are essential. We tend to have a look first at how cute the apartment is or at how cosy it seems but what matters is usually more on the “practical side”. Of course, a great height under the roof and beautiful bricks on the walls will make the apartment look wonderful, but pease never neglect good lighting and and insulation. I hope this post will be somehow useful,


  1. These tips are so practical! I don’t get why someone would want to live in an apartment that has bigger bathroom than living room tho but i guess we have different priorities. 😂

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    1. Thank you! Ahaha, I feel like we are all very different when it comes to apartments and I swear that I have met people who prefer spending time getting ready in their bathroom than chilling in their living room! Anyway, I am definitely “team living room”, it is so important to me. 😂

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