Why you shouldn’t care what people think.

This subject is important for all of us (whether we admit it or not), I already dealt with it on that blog and I will do it again. Today, I do not have a series of tips on how to stop caring what people think, I only have one single thing to tell you. It is not a tip but a good reason to start living your life for yourelf and nobody else. Are you going to stop yourself from launching your blog, starting a YouTube channel, changing you major or becoming an entrepeneur because of the fear of criticism ? Seriously ? Let me tell you it would be stupid. Honestly guys, why would you limit yourself because of the fear that maybe someone will criticize your choices in life ? Why wouldn’t you reach your full potential because of the fear of being someone’s new favorite subject of gossiping ? You can’t please everyone and apparently, the more we are criticized, the more we have success and vice versa ( and yes, Beyoncé has more haters than you do but I think that the amount of money she has is worth some haters, don’t you ?).

Do you know why you should not let what people may think of you control your life ? That’s simple : nobody really cares. We all tend to think we are the centre of the world because we are the centre of our own world, we see everything through the filter of our own life. However, we are not the centre of other people’s world. Nobody thinks of your brand new YouTube channel 24/7. You do not even think of it that much! Some people will criticize you from time to time, but they will get bored of it really fast. When I launched my blog, people told me it was a “weird idea”, a “lost of time”, that showing off that way was “odd” but you know what ? I persisted.  I’m not super succesful, but I live my passion. I love writing and giving tips more than anything on earth. Do you think I would be that happy in my life if I had scrapped my blog because of one or two haters ? Today, nobody cares what I’m doing with my life, evryone understood that I would keep going and everyone has his own life to deal with. Everybody gets bored of criticizing, everybody gets back to his business really fast. Believe me, actually, nobody cares. Do what you love, you are the only one who truly cares.


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