And then I became a librarian. ♡ A reminder that hard work does wonders in life.

Sometimes, we think that our dreams are unreachable, but I want to be the one who tells you that they aren’t. Today, I simply want to share my little story with you, just to inspire you to follow your dreams.

As you may know, I am a student and I am currently doing a master’s degree in France. It is basically a master’s of library science, even though it is a little bit more “open” professionally than merely only libraries. You guessed it: I would love to be a librarian.

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Nonetheless, at least in France, it is quite a hard job to access: you need a college degree (bachelor or master), and then you need to pass another exam which validates your skills as a librarian: it is pretty complicated! Let’s be honest, there are very few jobs available and even with the degree and the validation, it is still hard to find a library to work in. However, yesterday, I got contacted by my local library and they offered me… a job! It is not a full-time job, obviously, but it is still a job as a librarian!

I have spent three years (all of my bachelor’s degree basically) working at a supermarket, which I still found very cool as my colleagues were the nicest people out there and clients usually really kind. Today, I get to leave that job and do something that is aligned with my studies and bigger goals: is not it wonderful?

This post is not me “showing off”, it is me telling you that everything is possible for you. My dream may be really far away from yours, but you can see that even though finding a job in my industry is hard, I managed to do it simply by being kind to people and working hard. I volunteered quite a lot, especially at my local book fair, and I worked hard at that supermarket alongside my studies in order to earn both money and work experience. I also have that blog and our wonderful book corner and I have worked with many authors on reviews for their books. But working does wonders, and I am a true believer that work beats talent.

It is definitely not my regular type pf pst but I hope it can work as a reminder that life is worth dreaming, and that work always ends up making wonders for you. You deserve it. ♡

Can you remember a time one of your dreams came true? May you share it with us? I would love this post to become our little happy corner, a place to come back to when motivation starts lacking. If you want to be part of that happy corner, feel free to share your story in the comments!

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