The Day I Refused A Master’s Degree At La Sorbonne & Chose My Own Path Instead.

I grew up watching Gilmore Girls & daydreaming about Rory’s life at Yale. The closest thing to Yale, in France, would be La Sorbonne. Long story short, it is our most famous, most prestigious university. Just as any good student, I applied. My first choice was Foreign Studies. You know what? I got admitted. And then? I said “no, thanks”. I did not really say “no, thanks”, that would have been rude, but you got the idea.

When I tell people that I refused that master’s degree in Foreign Studies (which I never do, but everyone seems to know that I did), they either think I am a liar, or I am mad. I am simply passionate, and honest with myself. In my podcast, I am a lot more chill through a “let’s have coffee together” vibe & I tend to talk a little bit more about my personal life, which brought me here, thinking that I could do the same on the blog from time to time, & draw a lesson for you guys from my personal experience. Here is the lesson.

Prestigious May Not Mean “For You”.

I asked for La Sorbonne, which meant I loved it, right? Yes and no, actually. I loved how prestigious this university was (& still is), and I loved how “Foreign Studies” sounds as an answer to the question “What do you do in life?”. Oh, I loved it all, that is for sure. But there is an important thing I did not consider in that scenario: my feelings. I did not consider my feelings one single moment. What feelings could I have, anyway? Nobody ever asked me if I felt right about going to La Sorbonne next September. Actually, everyone assumed it was not even a decision, but a necessity, an evidence.

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I must say now that I also go admitted in a Marketing master’s, a Cultural Studies master’s and Library Science & Museology master’s. If you have been following me for a while, you know it: I chose the last one.

The Feeling Of Being In The Wrong Place.

Feel unworthy of the chance the world gave you.

To be fully honest, I had decided a while ago that my favorite master’s degree to follow would be in Library Science & Museology. I even knew that I would major in children’s literature. I knew it all, but still. I felt stuck, & felt as if I was not worthy of the chance the world was giving me.

What I did not consider, at that time, was that it was not a chance, it was years & years of hard work. It was not an “evidence” either, it was my decision, I deserved time to make that decision for myself.

Being in your own truth.

And I said no. Was I sure it was the right decision to make? Absolutely not. I was even thinking that I was “self-sabotaging”, those were my words. But I did it, because my instinct screamed louder than my fear of making the biggest mistake of my life.

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Do I ever regret my decision?

The only decisions you truly regret are the ones you make out of fear.

I think you can’t really regret anything you did out of instinct. Too often, we forget that regret is really relative, and that any decision can lead to regret in any way, shape or form. If I had chosen the Foreign Studies master’s, I may have regretted not having chosen my dream courses, the ones I have access to now in my more modest master’s degree.

Knowing what you do not want is a step towards discovering what you want.

As a final thought, I would like to say that, in my eyes, there is no “good” or “bad” university, just reputation & statistics. Would you judge a person based on their reputation and grades, for instance? No, and it is the same for universities: you should not judge them based on numbers & what people think of them. Just do what feels right, and if what feels deeply right is becoming an entrepreneur or stopping that degree you hate, go for it. I am nobody to tell you how to live your life, but you knew all through that post what you really wanted to do with it.

I wish you the best of all days,

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