My Blogging Goals for 2021.

I am not a believer in “resolutions” and I am not even sure I love “goals” in the trendy meaning of the term. However, I have a direction in mind for my blog and I thought it would be cool to share it with you guys, so let’s do that! I have already told you about my want to slow down in 2021 and the goals I will share with you today are really aligned with that bigger goal of mine. Keep in mind that this little corner of the internet is OUR place and that if you have any recommendations, they are always more than welcome. Enjoy!

1. Writing more about books.

I would love to pend more time on the Book Corner. I am not going to become a full Book Blogger as minimalism and etiquette are still a gigantic part of my life but I want to spend more time sharing thoughts about books with you. There will be reviews but also more and more discussion posts in order to create a genuine conversation with you about your reading habits. As a librarian and a grad student in children’s literature and cultural heritage, I feel the urge to talk more about that passion of mine that I always tend to put on silent as I know that not everyone is into these things. One of you once told me that all that mattered was that I kept writing about what I was passionate about and not about what I thought you guys wanted to read about, so here I am. ♡

2. Writing more about my thesis and academic research.

That is more or less the same than the previous point, but about research. I know that a lot of you are still students right now and even if we do not study in the same country, the system when it comes to academic research is quite similar. I won’t give you tips about the academic method (it changes from one country to another) but I know that I can help you be more motivated and productive when it comes to actually writing a thesis or an essay. I also want to talk more about linguistics and bilingualism as it is a big part of my research project, and if you have any question on these topics, feel free to ask!

3. Stressing less over the blog, planning less and going more “with the flow”.

I am the kind of blogger who plans a lot in advance. Obviously, that is great if you never want to run out of content but I have a folder full of drafts and I am not going to run out of content anytime soon. I want to write more with the flow and be more okay with not feeling like writing some day. I will still post every Wednesday and Sunday but I won’t put more pressure on my shoulders to do so. Pressure or not, I know I can stick to that schedule and as blogging is a passion, not a job, why putting so much pressure on myself?

4. Stop freaking out when I misspell a word as English is just not my native language.

When I proofread for the 50097 time after publishing a post, I tend to freak out each and every time I see a spelling mistake. The truth is that English is not my mother language and even if I have a bachelor’s degree in English and think that I am 100% fluent, there are still grammatical things I do not get, and that is fine. It has never stopped you guys from understanding my points so I need to stop worrying about my grammar. You guys can understand my posts and communication is the point of language so if I am able to communicate with you, why worrying about not being “perfect”?

5. Read more blog posts on other blogs.

It is something I am very happy about: blogging is a community. To me, it is important to read other bloggers’ post, to get inspired (obviously) but also to support them by reading what they have to offer. We are a gigantic team of likeminded people and that is astonishingly beautiful. Thus, this year, I want to read more blog posts and make it a self-care moment.

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6. Comment more on other blogs.

That point goes hand in hand with the previous one. I want to take the time to comment on other blogs, basically because it is the best way to show support. Commenting is really important even for you if you want to drive traffic to your blog but please never comment merely to get people’s attention on you blog. Be genuine in your comments, read the post closely and comment something honest and meaningful. I personally love reading your comment, it just makes my day and I know that I can’t be the only one!

What about you? What are your blogging goal for 2020? Share them in the comments so that we can all get inspired by one another. ♡

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