The Importance of Skin Undertone In Personal Style & Shopping Less + What I Wear As An “Olive Skin Winter”.

I recently published a post about how you can choose the metal of your jewelry based on your skin undertone (see that post in that category, Parisian Elegance). Today, I want to share with you how the undertone can help you know what clothes you should buy, and what pieces you should stay away from. Let’s go back to what your “skin undertone” basically is.

Find your skin undertone to create your personal style - Parisian Elegance.

What is an undertone?

Let’s simplify the whole concept for the sake of that post. We can divide the overall tone of your skin (I am not talking about the color of your skin, what I am about the say is totally the same for all of my readers, no matter your skin color) into an overtone and an undertone. The overtone is the part that will possibly get a little bit more tanned in summer, but the undertone is the part that lies under the surface of your skin and that will never change in the course of your entire life.

There are basically four different undertones (and you can have any one of the four of them no matter your overtone, and no matter your overall skin color – black, fair &c.):

  • Warm.
  • Cool.
  • Neutral.
  • Olive.

How can I figure out my undertone?

The question that comes naturally to mind is “how can I find my very own undertone?” and it is actually far simpler than you think. There are dozens of exercises including looking at the color of your veins (scroll Pinterest for that) and putting makeup on, but I am just going to share with you my favorite one and the one that worked for me personally.

You just place your arm (I think it is better given that the skin of your face can have makeup left on it and thus, the exercise won’t be really accurate) in front of a (truly) white surface with natural light (if the light is a little yellow, it just won’t work) and you try to see what color you can see under the surface of your skin. For some of you, it will be really obvious but for others, it won’t. For me, it was really obvious and you will see why in a minute. If the color you see is:

  • Yellow/redish/orange: WARM
  • Blueish: COOL
  • Not really anything noticeable but… skin: NEUTRAL
  • A noticeable green: Olive (=COOL)

Now, you have it! Now, let’s see what you can do with it as far as clothing is concerned (it will also help quite a lot with makeup but as I do not wear any, I won’t be very helpful with it).

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How can I use my undertone to dress better?


First, let’s put a disclaimer here: I am not saying by any means that you can’t wear what you want. If you have a “happy color”, a color that makes you feel good, feel free to wear it no matter your undertone. Nonetheless, if you have no clue when it comes to your wardrobe, let me give you some advice based on your undertone.

Moreover, undertone is just a tiny little part of the realm of color analysis. In color theory analysis, you can also find what season you belong to based on your undertone, but also on the color of your eyes and hair, among others. I will put a picture of myself somewhere as it may help: I am what is called an olive-skin (my undertone – green -) Winter (my season based on the color analysis theory).

Olive skin French woman drinking coffee in Dublin.
As you can see, my skin does not look red at all, even when I am laughing. You can decipher a green undertone, and a really yellow overtone. My dark har makes the contrast even more striking.

Why is it easier to pick and outfit (and shop less) once you know your undertone?

Once you know your undertone, you know what colors are best for you. A Neutral can wear any colors, regardless of their warmth. A Cool can wear cooler colors, a WARM looks so good with warmer colors on, and an Olive looks better with cooler colors as well. Thus, once you know what undertone you have, you an start picking clothes that have the right tint for your skin.

You may think it is all a bit overwhelming and that you will never be able to see if a color is warm or cool but let me tell you two things:

  • If you have managed to see the undertone of your skin, seeing the undertone of a color will be far easier as the structure tof the color is far less complex that the structure of your skin’s tint.
  • The more you try your eyes, the easier it becomes.

Extra tip: I am not a big fan of fast fashion in general, you know it but when it comes to picking the right clothes; it is even worse. There are two places in which you do not want to shop at:

  • Cheap stores because the light in there is terrible and will prevent you from seeing the real color of the clothes you are buying.
  • The Internet, because yo never know how much the picture has been saturated or contrasted: colors appear slightly (or a lot) different in real life.

You will see that knowing your undertone will instantly make you more minimalist. Why? Because you will stop buying things that suit other people but do not suit you. That is life-changing, especially if you have Olive skin like me.

N.B. Olive skin is a little different as we have a cool undertone (blue) with a warm overtone (yellow), which creates that green hue on our skin. Usually, Olive skin people look quite sick and they do not have much colors on their skin (no redness &c.). If you are likely to look sick in winter, you may be an Olive. I feel like it is a little harder for us to find the best colors, but it is totally manageable and I am a living proof of it.

My Wardrobe Color Palette as an Olive Skin Winter.

Maybe that will give a little inspiration to my Cool and Olive Skin readers. At least, I hope it will help you see that cool colors can be colors that would look warm at first glance (yellow and red in particular) but that are slightly blue (you can see it on the picture). Never assume that a color is cool or warm without looking closely as most colors can actually be both depending on their very individual structure.

Wardrobe color palette of an olive skin winter woman. Personal style, elegance.

I hope that post was somehow helpful and interesting. Let me know in the comments what undertone you think you are. If you are not sure about a piece of clothing, feel free to send me a picture and I will tell you what I think in the limits of what I can decipher through a screen.

I wish you the best of all days,

    1. Hello! I am really happy the post taught you something, that was really my goal writing it. Knowing your skin undertone can change so many things in the way you perceive clothing and accessories, but unfortunately, the topic is not much discussed online. I will definitely write about it again!

      Have the nicest day! 🌸

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    2. I definitely will but if this is a topic that really interests you, I would also recommend that you watch Audrey Coyne’s videos. She shares so many interesting videos about undertones, color theory &c. 😘

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I’ve been reading about this topic & color theory & find it so interesting! I’m making some changes in my clothing & makeup after reading your post and reading about this topic. I want colors to compliment me.

    Thank you for this post

    ~ Brittany

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Brittany,
      Your comment really made my day! It is a wise decision of yours, as soon as your clothes start complimenting you, you feel so much better in to in your skin and so much less pressured to buy new things! If you have questions, feel free to ask.

      Camille 🌸

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  2. I’m extremely impressed with your writing abilities as neatly as with the structure to your blog. Is that this a paid theme or did you modify it your self? Either way keep up the excellent high quality writing, it is rare to see a great weblog like this one these days.

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    1. Hello! Thank you so much, this comment makes my day! This theme is a paid one but I spent around 5 years using free themes (and I still do for my other blog, “Devenir Anglophone”) so I do not think paid themes are “necessary” and you can modify them so much to get to the result you like. This one is called “Pearl” I think in English (in France, I chose “Perle” but I think it translates literally.) It is a premium theme so I did not technically “pay” for it but I paid a global fee for the overall Premium plan. As far as my writing abilities are concerned, I am also really happy to read that as English is not my mother language and receiving compliments in that realm is always astonishingly pleasant.

      I wish you the best,
      Camille 🌸


  3. This post gives an explanation to why I look bad in orange-red lipsticks, even though I love them on other people. I think that so much about personal style and beauty is gained when you listen to what truly works for you, instead of what you appreciate on others. Everyone is so different, and that is where your true beauty lies!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am very happy it helped you understand that! It is so true, I 100% agree with you, it is always what’s flattering on YOU that you should look for. Every person is unique and once your find your signature look/colors, everything becomes so much easier and you feel so much prettier! 🌸


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